Friday, December 26, 2008

You know you're getting old when......

A person spends 4 hours trying to load music on an MP3 player they received as a gift. After 4 hours the helpmeet says let me take a look at it...and says " did you turn ON your MP3 player?"....he turns and says "Well, there is an On/Off Switch on the side." Said helpmeet answers "babe, the on/off switch is to LOCK your mp3 player so you cant load anything on to it..." *sigh*

Another sign is when you try to tun on your daughters MP3 player (are we seeing a pattern here?) and it is not co-operating. You try and try to figure it out. Everything loaded fine, it just wont turn on. You get out your sons MP3 player which is Identical to the daughters only to discover that the battery that came with his has plastic around it. Note to self *when placing a battery in a MP3 player, remove plastic and it will work fine....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Looky Looky...


8 Tv Shows I watch (8???I am not even sure if I KNOW of 8!)
1. Survivor
2. The biggest loser
3. Heroes
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. My Own Worst Enemy
6. Rachael Ray
7. Batman
8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (ok give me a break...I have a boy who loves his Saturday morning cartoons!)

8 favorite restaurants

1. The Texas Roadhouse
2. Joes Crab Shack
3. Kingfish
4. Mongolian BBQ
5. Chilis
6. Olive Garden
7. Los Compadres
8. The Downtowner
(note to the children, please notice that McDonalds is NOT on that list!)

8 things that happened to me today

1. I went to the gym.
2. My sister called me :)
3. I received a great email :)
4. My daughter gave me some encouraging words
5. I walked out of the gym in the freezing rain...and DIDN'T fall (that counts right?)
6. Was asking by the munchkins to play a game
7. I had children that actually DID their chores...
8. Had a little one crawl in my lap, give me a big ol kiss and say "I love you mommy"

8 things i look forward to

1. Watching the kids open their gifts on Christmas day
2. My Nephew coming home
3. Going to my sisters for Christmas.
4. Going to visit my friend in Tennessee
5. Paying off debt!
6. Sleeping in
7. The end of our school year
8. Buying more curriculum (I should be in a 12 step program for buying Curriculum...Hi my name is Angela and I am a curriculum junkie)

8 things i wish pray for

1. Christian children
2. Grandchildren
3. That Kyle and I not lose sight of each other as our kids grow older and then move out
4. Safety for my children
5. To be able to take the kids back to Haiti to "meet" their birthmoms
6. The salvation of their birthparents
7. To teach my children everything I can to help mold them into children of God
8. Sanity

8 People I tag

1. Terri
2. Connie
3. Michele
4. Cassie
5. Amanda
6. Melissa
7. Salt and light Mama
8. Whomever else wants to join!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Well.... I did it...

I was able to put on a pair of jeans from the "regular" know....the ones that don't have a "w" after the number??? I may not be able to move or breathe...and I am pretty sure I broke a rib or two....and the entire world can see my panty lines...but by golly I was able to get them on....and zip them up.....without lying on the bed....y'all know what I am talking about lol

Monday, December 08, 2008

Breaking news...Batman and Spiderman are brothers....

Katharine (holding Spiderman): Let me see his brother.

Noah (holding Batman): They aren't brothers! They don't look anything alike!

Katharine: It doesn't matter...they were adopted