Saturday, July 28, 2007


OK so has been a while since I have posted...LORI! QUEEN OF BLOGGER LAND....Of all that is full of blogger-ness, with thy right hand that ruleth the keyboard and whose words always fillith our bellies full of laughter....please forgive me! LOL Ok so LOTS going on with us the past few weeks...first of all Kyle and I had a GREAT birthday dinner. My birthday is July 12 and Kyles is the 14. We always combine our birthdays and do something neat with the family. This year we went to the Derby Dinner playhouse and saw Peter Pan. It was FANTASTIC! We have been to Derby several times and I have to say this was the best production we have seen!

Then the following day my nephew was married...well...kind of lol. They actually were married back in May (see previous blogs) but had a ceremony this month. It was beautiful:)

Last week my kids attended a VBS at a church around the corner from us. We are very familiar with the people that attend there as we all used to attend a large congregation together way back when before it split. This congregation works with us on our Haitian mission and generally has our Haitian missionary with them for their VBS. This year he was able to bring part of his family with him!!!! Below are all the Haitian children...

left to right: Phedna, Sanite, Kesley, Maddie, Edson, and Noah

It was amazing that our kids "chose" to stick with the Haitian kids as much as they could at the VBS....even though Nerriils kids spoke ONLY Kreyol and our kids spoke ONLY English.....Noah was so cute...he followed Phedna around like a little puppy:) Made my heart warm!

We are officially on "break" now from school and will start back the 1st week in September YEAH!!!!!! We have SO much to look forward to over the next month. On Friday we will be headed down to Louisville for a car show, on Saturday we will be headed off to Haitian family camp, then lets add another VBS on top of it! On the 17th we will be headed off to Indiana Beach as Kyle won 4 tickets at the 4-h fair (go Kyle!). On the 25th we have the back to school picnic with the homeschool group, and I am usually heading off to see my Aunt over in PA (my only blood relative left except for my siblings) but alas funds are tight this year! Gas is just way too expensive! *sigh*

I DID manage to get some pics of the kids while they were playing at the park the other day. This park is at the school I used to teach at. It was kind of neat to see them playing on all that equipment!

Maddie "hangin' out"

Noah being a silly boy :)

Happy face Sanite!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Salsa for Sanite......Juice for Noah.....

All I can say is this past week has been such a blur! Between doing school with 3 kiddos then adding in all the normal running around, babysitting for 2 others, AND 4th of July AND Regatta stuff we have just been flying by the seat of our pants this past week. Friday night we went to our usual 4th of July/Regatta parade and a great time with friends at our typical "cookout." the kids played and played and played until they could play no more lol. Saturday it was detailed cleaning around the house (only you wouldn't know it now!) and then an afternoon with my girls (Noah got to go see Transformers with his Aunt Terri!) and then an evening watching fireworks. By the time we got back from fireworks, everyone had baths (they were FILTHY!) they were in bed at about midnight! Sunday was of course assembly in the am, come home to have tacos for lunch. I had made everything the day before that way it could be a "heat and eat" meal as Kyle has been spending every waking minute in the garage due to the fact he went to the parade and fireworks with us. I knew he was not going to be able to "wait around" for a meal. We eat out meal, and I start the dishes. Kyle heads out to the garage and I put Maddie to bed. Sanite and Noah are helping me clear the table. They are bringing me dishes and cups, putting the sour cream in the fridge etc. Then Sanite picks up the salsa...........and this is not a regular jar of salsa from is the huge gallon container from SAMS club.....She is standing there talking to me about something ( I can't remember what right now) and she was "Swinging" that container. I didn't think anything of it.....she said "What do you want me to do with this?" and simultaneously turns it upside down while its above her head....................needless to say....the last person to use it ( papa *ahem*) did NOT put the lid back on it and salsa DUMPED all over her head, clothes, floor, fridge, cabinets, washing machine etc. For those of you who haven't been to my house I have a VERY large kitchen ( about 25 ft long at least) and there was splatter from one wall to the other...and I mean that very literally...............VERY literally lol. All I could do was laugh...Sanite just wanted to cry...but she eventually learned to laugh at herself. I gave her yet another shower picking onions, peppers and tomatoes out of her hair (along with a good wash) and as I tightened her locs later I was still picking onion and such out of her hair. I have a feeling that I will be washing her locs again today "just to be sure" that she doesn't smell like tacos anymore.

And well my dear Noah..... he has had 2 loose teeth for MONTHS now...I mean they have been loose since around April. Now Sanite, when she gets a loose tooth...she is begging to get it out....she plays and plays and plays with it until it comes out/has me pull it out. Noah is a different story...he will leave that tooth in there and NO ONE is going to touch it. I kept telling him you HAVE to play with it and get it out! He refused to touch it! Last Friday I looked in his mouth to see how loose his teeth were when I discovered that his NEW teeth were already coming in!They had broke through and were coming in BEHIND his baby teeth (not good!). SO I told him he needed to get his baby teeth out to make room for his new ones. Well he was a brave boy and let me take ONE out.....he was tickled pink to get that dollar from papa LOL. Then yesterday I asked to look at his other tooth...I said "let me try flossing your teeth" he said "Ok!!" So he got the dental floss and before he knew what I happened I wrapped that dental floss around his other tooth and popped it right out. My boy is now a toothless wonder :) Well, kind of lol as the big ones are already coming in and hopefully they will move forward!

Well I better head out as I have 1 hour before my kiddos get here and I need my prayer time!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Swimming at the Zoo?!?!

Yep you read that right....swimming at the zoo! Yesterday was our day off of school this week and Kyle had asked me to run down to Louisville and pick up some material for a car he is working on so I thoght....hum.....Let's go to the zoo! So late Wednesday I got a cooler all packed and stuffed the kids swimsuits in the cooler. The kids got up and were their usual pleasant selves lol. After we did all of our running around I told them I was taking them to the zoo and they were so excited! We got there and it was POURING down rain!!!!!! I turned around and all these people were leaving the zoo..I was like UG! I had been hearing that it was supposed to clear up by mid morning and a pretty nice day so we decided to stay. I threw my hair back (I have never been one to fear what my hair looks like lol Don't get me wrong...I try to look nice but I don't let it stop me from doing what I want to do!) and we moved on....Sure enough within just a few minutes the rain turned to sprinkles and then it eventually faded away ( I think it was between seeing the baby Bongo and baby Elephant). Then after a few it was....the long awaited.....long sought after....long drooled for....Glacier park lol. For those of you who don't know, this is a new addition to the Louisville Zoo. IT is a small water-play area for the kids and it is WONDERFUL. I think we spent 1 1/2 hours in just this part alone! Oh and um.......the kids slept great last night LOL

Maddie Slippin' and slidin

Sanite Floppin like a Fish

Noah just "flounderin'" around

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Troubled week

This has been a pretty bad week for several families so please forgive me for not posting in a while and if you are reading this, please take a moment to pray for a few families.

1. Dave and Theresa Fagan-Dave and Theresa are great friends of ours and we these are people we truly look up to and respect. They are speakers of the truth and Dave is dealing with cancer right now so please be with their family.

2. Jack Daniel Ison - go to and click on "visit" after that type in his name with no spaces. This is a young man that I taught several years back in elementary school. For those of you who are teachers you understand that they are always "your students" even years later. He was in a horrible motorcycle accident on my road just 2 miles from my house. Things are not looking good for him and the entire family needs your prayers.

3. My cousin Rebecca Lynn Bradley passed away last week Please keep all the family in your prayers.

Thank you

Ringmaster of my own 3 ring circus