Monday, May 29, 2006

We had a great weekend! 1st of all, all day Friday I worried about if we were going to be able to camp. The kids and I were determined we were going to go so we decided we would get everything out so we could tent camp. Ugh what a mess!!!! Kyle came home and looked through the tent, found a few holes and began to sew them. At 5 we were going through the camper taking out things we were going to use for the weekend when Kyle pressed a button and it flashed at him. He said "why did that just flash at me?!?!" After playing around with it EVERYTHING was working! So we left everything in the back of the truck and hooked up the camper to it and were able to go camper and all! Praise God too because this weekend was a scorcher and the kids (and us) would of been miserable in a tent. We arrived pretty late Friday night over at the Lincoln State Park so we ran to subway for dinner. After that we came back and headed off to dream land. Sat morning we had to do some last minute grocery shopping and went to visit the Lincoln boyhood Memorial. It was really neat! The kids got to see the working farm an were amazed. We were able to go with some friends of ours and the one lady friend of mine used to work there. It was great to hear some 1st hand knowledge from her about the "goings on" at the working farm and memorial. We took a walk around for a while but the kids were absolutely pooped so we went back to camp and everyone took a nap. I think going from the heat to the air was the killer! After we all woke up we went to a high school graduation open house and met some of our friends family. The kids were able to play and go look at the ducks by the pond. When we left our friends had some family come and set up tents in the camping area so the kids had other ones to play with the rest of the weekend. That was fun but I was glad to have some time when it was just "us."

Thursday, May 25, 2006

WOW what a week! The week started off by the kids getting in trouble for their attitude. They were literally grounded from everything except school and playing with friends. They were not allowed TV, no going out to lunch, and the removal of toys that were not taking are of. *sigh* Made a trip to the Dr office on Tuesday and we are now awaiting the phone call from a pediatric therapy center in Louisville, Ky to evaluate Sanite for see if she requires Developmental or Occupational Therapy. I am hoping all turns out well and that she gets the help she needs. Then last but not least, we were all so excited to go camping this weekend when..........Kyle went to flush the water system and apparently a hose had busted. Why is it that you are not able to find this out until you decide to run water through it?!?! At any rate it flooded the electrical system and we believe it blew the transformer. There is electric going to it but squat coming out. We were supposed to leave tomorrow.....We are hunting for a new transformer tomorrow and *if* we can find one we should have it in tomorrow night and *if* that is the only problem then we should be able to head up on Sat yeah!!!!!!. At any rate if you need a laugh here is Maddie in her "Freedom hair." I get a kick out of this one hehe

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Well Noahs Game was rained out last night. Boy it would of been nice if they could of called the game before we actually got there! HA It wasn't raining when we left our house but it was raining by the time we arrived at the ball field. Sanite Practice has already been cancelled for tonight. She still has a game tomorrow but honestly if there is anything that can make life just a wee bit simpler these days I would sure appreciate it. Kyle and I are on the hunt for a new vehicle for me. He wants a Ford and I really want a dodge van. I have had 3 dodges so far and they have all been great vehicles. Kyle is a die hard Ford fan though. We are "discussing" getting something besides a van, possibly a larger SUV? I think I would be much happier with a Ford SUV than a Ford van. We may decide after all it needs to be a van. Who knows LOL. Sanite has her field trip to the Simmons School tomorrow and I am so excited! She is going to have to get up at the crack of dawn to go though! I KNOW she will not be pleased with that! We have to leave the house by all 4 of us.....I am thinking that it is going to be cereal in a bag for breakfast tomorrow!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy mothers day to all! I hope you had a truly blessed mothers day. I sure did! We attended assembly Sunday morning (which was great..a real tear jerker!). After that we came home and to changed to head out for lunch. Kyle drove me down to clarksville to have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants The Texas Roadhouse. We met my sister, brother in law and their 2 girls there. We had a great time! After that we went walking around the mall and of course had to stop by the Bath and body shop! I bought myself some of the Aromatherapy Peppermint and eucalyptus "relaxing" foaming bath. It smells relaxing! We also hunted and hunted for a pair of tennis shoes for Maddie. Why is it that ALL little kids shoes seem to have velcro instead of ties? We finally found a pair of sketchers at meijers that had ties on them and she looks so cute in them !

IT is now 9 on Monday morning and the kids are still not up yet! They had a very busy weekend so I thought I would let them sleep in an then get as much school done as we can *grin*. Last Friday we went to my sisters and had dinner...Hamburgers on the grill...YUMMY!!!! Then Saturday we drove to Muncie for my best friends (Lori), little girls birthday party. It was so cute! She has 5 kiddies and the youngest 3 are all from Haiti. In fact the Oldest who just turned 4 lived with my kids for a couple months while in Haiti. Neat huh?

I arrived home around 9 or so and got the kids all to bed. I was working on a dress for Sanite for a field trip this week and she REALLY wanted to wear it to assembly on Sunday. I only had the arms to do so I figured it would be ok. That wasn't so bad but then I decided her hair was looking rather raggedy so I brought the sleepy girl out into the living room and let her sleep on my lap while I undid braids until 2 am! (this may account for why assembly was such a tear jerker for me! Not enough sleep!)

This week is sooooooooooo extremely busy. We need to do school work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday this week. Thursday we have a field trip to the one room school house ( will explain about that later!). Monday- sanite has dance from 4-5, Noah has t-ball from 5:30-6:30. Tuesday- Noah has a T-ball game from 5-6. Wednesday- Sanite has t-ball from 5-6 and we have Bible study that night from 7-8:30. Thursday- Sanite has a t-ball game from 6-7. Friday- Sanite has rehearsal for the dance recital. Saturday- Sanite has the dance recital....UGH!!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

WOOHOO!!! Let me tell you how awesome my boy is....tonight was the championships for wrestling and my boy came in 2nd in his weight class! I am so proud of him:) of course he had no clue what was going on....and I must say he was a little freaked when he had to walk in with all the other wrestlers and "parade around the gym to the tune of "we will rock you"....I of course thought it was adorable!

Ok So Sanite had her 1st piano lesson today. She did great! She was horribly nervous and didn't say a word the entire time we were there (for those who don't know her that is SO unusual!!). School Went great again today. I think next year though I will be going to Learning Language arts through literature (which was my 1st instinct this year) as opposed to Rod and staff. I am finding Rod and Staff a very a good program but I am kind of bored (already LOL) Here is a pic of my sweet "baby cakes" with her 2 new piano books. She is so proud!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

OK Where do I Begin? First a little about our family..........

We are Kyle and Angela and we live in Indiana. I am 29 (soon to be 30 UG) and Kyle is 31 (soon to be 32 hehe). I grew up in Florida but Kyle is an Indiana native. I enjoy schooling, sewing, and computer time *ahem* and hubby on the other hand loves anything to do with cars. Well at least American cars and especially Fords *smile*. Right now he works in a plastics factory and has his own auto shop (refurbishing/hotrodding cars) that he works in part time. He is wanting to get his own business going (believe me he is plenty talented!) and we hope that will happen by next year.

We have 3 beautiful children who are the wonders of our lives. Our oldest is Sanite who is 6. She came home from Haiti at 3years 7 months. She LOVES dance classes and is really getting into sports. Right now she is playing T-ball for the 2nd year and can't wait for soccer season to open! She is also begging for tennis lessons, swim lessons, and piano lessons UG! Can we say busy busy busy??? She is so smart and purely intelligent. When she came home she spoke no English but yet has accomplished preschool and Kindergarten and part of 1st grade work! She is an amazing child. She has a heart of pure gold and I cant wait to see her grow up and see how God leads her on the pathway of motherhood. If she is as good to her own children as she is to her baby sis she will be the best mom in the world!

Our next is Noah. From the beginning (he came home at 15mo) he has truly been that "bouncing baby boy." I wish someone would tell me when the bouncing stops! LOL He is definitely ALL BOY. His favorite past times are bugging his sisters, wrestling, and just being a "little man." He started preschool last year and is loving it! He begs to do his work everyday and loves it when we get to do science so we can play with stuff and oh yeah..."Learn about God and stuff" as he puts it. Oh I forgot..another past time..raiding the fridge :). I don't know where he puts it! He is 4 but yet almost the same size as our 6 year old! He is solid muscle (which comes in handy in sports!). He is such an awesome little man! God has truly blessed us with him!

Our baby is Madelynn. She has been home for almost 16 months and came home at the age of 6mo. She is now 22 months and a little wild one. She is busy busy busy and currently attached to moms hip. Her favorite past times would be copying her brother and sister, trying to show us how "big" she is i.e "Mom watch this!", and trying to show her individuality in this family. She is in love with Diego (Go! Diego Go!) and anything that has to do with "lella" ( Cinderella).

We also have 2 pets. Snowflake the all white beagle and Precious the insane kitty. *sigh* life is never dull around here.....................