Thursday, May 25, 2006

WOW what a week! The week started off by the kids getting in trouble for their attitude. They were literally grounded from everything except school and playing with friends. They were not allowed TV, no going out to lunch, and the removal of toys that were not taking are of. *sigh* Made a trip to the Dr office on Tuesday and we are now awaiting the phone call from a pediatric therapy center in Louisville, Ky to evaluate Sanite for see if she requires Developmental or Occupational Therapy. I am hoping all turns out well and that she gets the help she needs. Then last but not least, we were all so excited to go camping this weekend when..........Kyle went to flush the water system and apparently a hose had busted. Why is it that you are not able to find this out until you decide to run water through it?!?! At any rate it flooded the electrical system and we believe it blew the transformer. There is electric going to it but squat coming out. We were supposed to leave tomorrow.....We are hunting for a new transformer tomorrow and *if* we can find one we should have it in tomorrow night and *if* that is the only problem then we should be able to head up on Sat yeah!!!!!!. At any rate if you need a laugh here is Maddie in her "Freedom hair." I get a kick out of this one hehe

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