Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy mothers day to all! I hope you had a truly blessed mothers day. I sure did! We attended assembly Sunday morning (which was great..a real tear jerker!). After that we came home and to changed to head out for lunch. Kyle drove me down to clarksville to have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants The Texas Roadhouse. We met my sister, brother in law and their 2 girls there. We had a great time! After that we went walking around the mall and of course had to stop by the Bath and body shop! I bought myself some of the Aromatherapy Peppermint and eucalyptus "relaxing" foaming bath. It smells relaxing! We also hunted and hunted for a pair of tennis shoes for Maddie. Why is it that ALL little kids shoes seem to have velcro instead of ties? We finally found a pair of sketchers at meijers that had ties on them and she looks so cute in them !

IT is now 9 on Monday morning and the kids are still not up yet! They had a very busy weekend so I thought I would let them sleep in an then get as much school done as we can *grin*. Last Friday we went to my sisters and had dinner...Hamburgers on the grill...YUMMY!!!! Then Saturday we drove to Muncie for my best friends (Lori), little girls birthday party. It was so cute! She has 5 kiddies and the youngest 3 are all from Haiti. In fact the Oldest who just turned 4 lived with my kids for a couple months while in Haiti. Neat huh?

I arrived home around 9 or so and got the kids all to bed. I was working on a dress for Sanite for a field trip this week and she REALLY wanted to wear it to assembly on Sunday. I only had the arms to do so I figured it would be ok. That wasn't so bad but then I decided her hair was looking rather raggedy so I brought the sleepy girl out into the living room and let her sleep on my lap while I undid braids until 2 am! (this may account for why assembly was such a tear jerker for me! Not enough sleep!)

This week is sooooooooooo extremely busy. We need to do school work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday this week. Thursday we have a field trip to the one room school house ( will explain about that later!). Monday- sanite has dance from 4-5, Noah has t-ball from 5:30-6:30. Tuesday- Noah has a T-ball game from 5-6. Wednesday- Sanite has t-ball from 5-6 and we have Bible study that night from 7-8:30. Thursday- Sanite has a t-ball game from 6-7. Friday- Sanite has rehearsal for the dance recital. Saturday- Sanite has the dance recital....UGH!!!!

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