Thursday, April 27, 2006

WOOHOO!!! Let me tell you how awesome my boy is....tonight was the championships for wrestling and my boy came in 2nd in his weight class! I am so proud of him:) of course he had no clue what was going on....and I must say he was a little freaked when he had to walk in with all the other wrestlers and "parade around the gym to the tune of "we will rock you"....I of course thought it was adorable!

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LeaAnne said...

WOW! Mommy took such nice pictures of you wrestling. You'll have to show Caleb your moves sometime! I'm very proud of you. And I hear you came in second! Good job. You keep being a strong boy, and grow stong in your heart so you can be God's little warrior also. If you don't know the story about Samson, maybe mommy and daddy can read it to you. He was VERY strong too. He's Caleb's favorite Bible hero! Love you. LeaAnne