Friday, March 06, 2009

It doesnt get much better than this!!!!!!

This post at Terri's says it all!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Only 4 weeks left of school!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, the kids aren't the only ones looking forward to a break.....

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I am blessed :)

I just have to say that I am SO blessed! I have a wonderful hard working husband who works 2 jobs so that I can stay home with our children. Not only does he do it, but he does it because he wants to. There are so many times when I have said it would be easier for me to just go back into teaching to help our income and take some of the burden off of him but he continually says he wants me in the home teaching and raising our children:) I can't ask for a better husband than that!

And then there are the kids :)........They are not perfect by any means....but they are learning *wink*. All 3 have HUGE hearts and I notice that even the most stubborn *ahem* is becoming extremely sensitive. We have our ups and downs (as all do) but the ups far outweigh the downs. I love these kids...the ones "God hand picked for us" and the ones who have grown in our hearts to the point where I can't imagine a time without them. I enjoy seeing them change everyday into people who have a HUGE purpose in life....a purpose I pray they take seriously. They have many obstacles to overcome....prejudice by others in and outside the church, adoption issues, and autism spectrum disorders just to get started but I know that God has put us together for a reason...and for all of this I say thank you as I am SO BLESSED!!!

Mama got new shoes!

Yep you read that right! I bought a new pair of shoes for......MYSELF yesterday! granted I bought myself a new pair of Nike's (which have already broken down so much my knees were KILLING me) but before that...I believe the last time I had bought myself a new pair of shoes was Mothers Day 2007...I'm just sayin'.....

I went to a running store and had them double check my feet for the best pair of shoes for my foot type. I was glad I did because apparently I have every problem known to man with my feet (which I did not know until yesterday). I have wide feet (really??), they over pronate, I have a high arch, one foot is 1/2 size smaller than the other, and I am wearing the wrong shoe size (huh??) would realize that a 32 year old woman would realize at least 1/2 of these things already...

These are a pair of Pearl Izumi's which is a brand I had bought before....long ago...when I worked out consistently lol. They feel like I have pillows on my feet.....while exercising last night I could hear my feet saying "thank you" and blowing me kisses................LOL

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My 7 year old!

That's right! Its hard to believe my baby boy turned 7 yesterday! Seems just like yesterday we were looking at this picture...

Noah 6days w/birthmom

and wondering when he was going to be in our arms forever!!!

Homecoming 06/06/03 (15 mo)

Brit and Noah 06/03 (16mo)

Noah (16 mo) Abbey (13mo) Katharine ( 3yr 8mo)

Noah 17mo

Noah 18mo

Noah 16 mo (if you notice I am holding his right hand...he sucked his thumb so much that this was the only way I could keep it out of his mouth for the photo!)

Noah (17mo)

Noah (20mo)

Noah (24mo)

Noah 2yrs (almost 3)

Noah (4)


Noah, I continually remember that baby boy that was placed in my arms in Haiti and wonder how it is that you have changed so much! It seems like only yesterday :) Though physically you may be changing, you have remained my sweet tender boy (most of the time *wink*) with a HUGE heart! We are so proud of you and know that the Lord has HUGE plans for you!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lets play a game...Can you find the missing piece???

So today we are at McDonalds with Michele and E and the kids are all playing nicely up in the play place. After a while Maddie comes down and says (very slurred) "mama I just felt something...." blood/drool is coming out of her mouth and I looked.....her loose tooth was gone! I asked her if she had swallowed anything hard...and she started screaming! Apparently she didn't even know her tooth had come out LOL. I told her that she had lost her 1st tooth and took her to the bathroom to look...she was so excited she was laughing her pants off! Then I asked the obvious..."where is your tooth???".....the answer given was...."I don't know" I asked "where did you lose it?".....again I was met with "I don't know" LOL. SO off the search went for the missing tooth! Thanks Katharine for finding it! Maddie you are getting so big! I can't believe my baby is already losing her teeth....

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Crack-a-lackin! It's a daddy daughter dance...

Well I wish I had pics...but my camera is shot and unless our $$tree out back starts producing, it will be a while before we get another one LOL Anyway........

Tonight was the Daddy daughter dance with girl scouts. Katharine and her daddy were able to go out on a date and they both had a great time. They made it to the dance around 6 and it was less than an hour after that where I started getting texts from Kyle saying sensory girl was shutting too many people...strange new surroundings...little Katharine starts going through her own little breakdown...and I think daddy was a little nervous LOL. So I text back (so glad for texting now as he couldn't hear me on the phone above the music!) to keep her moving (dancing which I think is in his rule book as something that should never be him at least) and to help her get engaged with her friends. Of course...he doesn't even know who her friends are LOL. Her girl scout buddies are so sweet though and I am sure got her involved (as I heard later that she was off playing with them). Sweet thing called me as soon as they left to tell me what a great time she had (whew) and how glad she was to see her friends. Kyle and Katharine then got to go out to dinner and they both had their favorites...steak!

So what happened to me you ask? I stayed home with Maddie and Noah. We made some YUMMY taco salads, ice cream sandwiches (the kids), and sugar free fat free pudding (for me...and you can remove the YUM from the beginning of that one and replace it with I-would-have-rather-of-had-an-ice-cream-sandwich-but-my-butt-is-too-big-already) and watched Madagascar 2. We had a great time and just loved getting to snuggle together. And yeah...CRACK-A-LACKIN! Whats up with that word? I laughed all the way through the movie and I am pretty sure it was just because of that word...I mean how can you hear him say that and not bust out laughing??? CRACK-A-LACKIN!!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Kyles political view........

And I quote....

"Politicians are like diapers......they need to changed frequently and often times for the same reason.........."