Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sanite and Ronald.....

Years ago after the oldest two came home we went on a quick drive through to McDonald's. The kids had been home only a handful of months and Sanites language was referred to as "Sanitese" as it was a mixture of Haitian Creole and English...Hacrenglish? Anyway...very few people could understand her. As we did a quick drive through of McDonald's we noticed that alas..Ronald McDonald himself was there handing out meals through the drive thru...We pulled up and lo-and-behold..there he was. I look in the rear view mirror to see this utterly confused look on my 3 year olds face..(hello???some freak with bushy red hair and pasty white face is handing us food...)I said "That's Ronald McDonald!" Once again..insert confused look. "He is the one who makes your fries." The light bulb clicked on...she gave a HUGE *sigh* as she turned and said (and signed) with MUCH passion in her words..."WI WUFF WOOO" (translation from Sanitese is I LOVE YOU!)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Six Quirky things about me :)

Junkmale from Thou and Thou Only had tagged me for a "Quirky" meme!

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* Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours.

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1. I can not stand for my food to "touch"...and then when I eat it...I eat one things at a time. I must finish ALL my corn before moving on to my salad...then ALL my salad before moving onto my chicken etc....

2. OK ....really weird... I LOVE homeschooling! I love spending time with my kids :) Imagine that :)

3. I grow my own veggies...(and apparently watermellon too this year...)

4. I love fermented veggies (hence the garden)

5. Whenever we go on a long drive....the car and HOUSE has to be perfectly cleaned....

6. I buy very little permade/processed food *shocking*...we make our own bread and snacks and only eat "cereal" once every couple of weeks (maybe once a month if that).

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great Weekend!

Yep! Here it is...the beginning of another busy week....but at least we had a nice relaxing weekend! On Saturday we had a few errands to run along with a birthday party and then a cook out at my sisters. It was great to see them and my nieces...I was also able to see my nephew over in Japan via web cam.

Katharine has been really upset that Kyle has had to work so much...she is never able to see him :( On Sunday morning Kyle went in a woke her up extra early so the two of them could go to breakfast together :) How sweet :) We all met up at church where Katharine and I had to fly out of there to meet our fellow girl scouts by noon as we were headed to Build-a-bear!

We headed off to Build-a-Bear and I tell was SO much fun...I want to go back and build a bear lol. The only problem is that I don't have an arm and a leg to leave there as I already had to leave it at the gas pump this week lol.

Friday, May 23, 2008

On the mend...

After I came down with it....Noah came down with it. Yuck! On the advice of many foodies on several lists I am on...I decided to take the route of the Neti pot and LOTS of garlic (accompanied by our usual doses of Keifer and 'bucha). WHA LA! Only a couple days later and I am feeling almost as good as new! Noah was running a fever and had the nasty coughs and the VERY NEXT DAY he was fine. This is unheard of for him! Fantastic! He actually got up this morning and ate his egg (cooked in some healthy coconut oil..yum!), toast, and big glass fo Kefir drink (this one had 1/2 kefir, 1/2 milk with a splash of vanilla and a dose of stevia). That alone is a VERY filling breakfast and he ate all of it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And life goes on.........

Yep we are all pretty boring around goes on. Last night was our last dance practice (we have 2 make up classes over the next week but with the cost of gas I am not driving out of town again unless I have to) and then we have rehearsal and recital next week. Tonight Katharine has her last girl scout meeting of the year and she is having a "Hawaiian Luau." She gets to invite a friend to go along...she is so tickled! One of her good friends from the homeschool group will be joining her tonight and she is so excited she just cant stand it! Tonight is also a baseball game and Kyle did volunteer for that one as I can not be at the game and take Katharines friend home at the same time.....

Also we have therapy today which Katharine looks forward to with great zeal...its going to break her heart when we have to start going every other week instead of every week because it takes too much $$$$ to fill up the tank on "The Monster."

Oh yeah...and a sinus infection....lovely. I am feeling a wee bit better this morning after eating a ton of garlic last night (and having to sleep on the couch because of it LOL). I also will be trying some "unconventional" ways to get rid of a sinus infection...I will spare the gory details and only fill you in if they work LOL

Friday, May 16, 2008

Lost??? Anyone? Anyone?

So Jack FINALLY gets it....he and Claire are/were indeed brother/sister...I was wondering if he was EVER going to know/figure it out. And as for the next episode....I hear from Shannon we are supposed to find out who exactly was in that coffin....any ideas?? I have my own.....And whats with everyone lying about the rest of the folks on the island and how they/if they died?? Notice all the "looks" everyone was giving when referring to their "story" and appearing to be in shock (who wouldn't???).....hum......something tells me the trip off the island is going to be as nutty and crazy as life on the island...

Movin' on...

We had pictures last night for dance. After some major issues small mishaps with the vest, we were able to get it finished, and then have almost 6 hours of sleep! Yeah!!!! Tomorrow we have a baseball game in the morning and a birthday party in the afternoon. I also need to try and get some school done tomorrow as we are running 1 day behind in our basics and 3 days behind in history. Sunday is going to be my day.....I need to clean around this house....something I have not had time to do since we started back to school!! On Monday it is back to the grindstone...followed by our last dance practice of the year on Monday night (YEAH!!!!!!!). Tuesday the kids have a game at 7 but I am not sure if we are going to go. Katharine has her big end of the year girl scout party that night and she has invited another little girl from our homeschool group...she is so excited! Wednesday night is Bible study..and as of late we have NO plans for Thursday or Friday...but on Sat Kyle is going to have to work OT at the hospital (either 1/2 day or full day...not sure yet) and we have no ball game in the am...but a birthday party in the afternoon. The Friday and sat after that are the rehearsal and dance recital. The weekend AFTER that is the kids gotcha day and a car show we always go to....then the weekend after THAT is Girl Scout camp....and then the following weekend we are celebrating Maddies birthday at Kings Island......As of now...I am marking June 28 (HUH???) on my calendar as National "Do Nothing day" least in the Caswell household LOL At least nothing that seems like I should have the title "TAXI" written on my forehead....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Wow I can't believe it has been that long! We have been soooooooooo busy around here. By the time I finish with school during the day, I either have someone running to baseball, dance, 4-H, Bible study etc. Since this is the end of the school year (for most) things are wrapping up...for example 2 nights this week we have to head to scottsburg for night for practice and another night for dance pictures. That's another pictures. On top of me having to finish making Noah's costume I have to take care of the girls hair. On top of school. On top of Baseball. On top of 4-H. Oh, and On top of Girl Scouts. Our dance recital is the last Saturday of this month and because I did not feel I had anything better to do with my time, I thought it would fun for myself and Katharine to sign up for the Mother Daughter Dance. Actually I know this is going to be a great memory making experience for her (hopefully for a good reason and not because I fall on my face on stage). All in 2 weeks dance will be over. On June 6 we will have our homeschool end of the year program.....that stuff will be over. The 2nd week in June is baseball championships.....that will be over. the 4-h fair will be in july...then yeah that will be over. Girl scouts just seems to go on with field trips that the girls earned through their cookie sales. I am hopning I can look at those as a time to *relax* LOL....hand painting pottery, build-a-bear, a trip on a boat on the Ohio River, and then finally a trip to The Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio.....yeah....and oh yeah... GIRL SCOUT CAMP! which I have volunteered for.....

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Are we heading for the Fabulous fours?

I don't remember...I really just don't. I know that I never went through "the terrible twos" with either one of my kiddos that we had in that age. Noah did go through what I would call "the trialsome three's"....and it seems that Maddie is now going through " the trialsome threes"....only she turns four next month. Of course...this could also just be the difference between girls and boys..........Noah was never one for outbursts of temper tantrums...he just whined and melted into the floor. Maddie on the other hand......she cried and threw herself on the floor because she didn't want to go to the banquet last night.....then as soon as I walked out the door she threw herself on the floor screaming because I did not take her with me. This morning Noah sits in his chair at church...Maddie walks over, stands in front of him and starts whining and crying " I want to sit in that chair.. I want that seat. NOAH MOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ." Oh good gravy......everything with this girl is just DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.......:)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Reason #213 I hate TV..........

For the 4th month in a row I get a bill from DISH NETWORK read that again please..... DISH NETWORK Charging us for movies we did not order....not only "movies" ...but those kind of movies. ARG! We have done everything they have asked us to do...placed blocks...speak with 4 million people at customer service...We were even told when we called LAST MONTH that if you live in close proximity to another receiver it is possible to get them confused....and that was from their REP! I reminded them of that today and I was told that wasn't possible. They told me the date and time the movie was ordered...Kyle wasn't home...and not to mention I am the only one in the house that knew the password to the blocks....not that I didn't trust Kyle with it....he just never needed to use it (the last movies we ordered were Daddy Day Camp and Mr. Magoriums do you see why a grown mad would not need to know how to order those dumb wonderful movies?). It was ordered at 5am...anyone that knows me that getting up at 5 just DOES NOT HAPPEN! So here we are *free* from TV....I am trying to talk him into ordering netflix every month instead of cable...that way when we need movies for school we can get them with no problem!

ARG to TV's!!! Anyone else feel that way?!?!?!?!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Please let it rain...........

As I would really enjoy some free time this week! Especially before school starts Monday (actually we will have to do some work tomorrow). The kids were supposed to have a baseball game last Monday (Katharine and Noah are on the same team) but it was rained out....that's ok...we weren't going anyway as they had dance. Tuesday night was baseball practice from 5-6:15....well it was SUPPOSED to be anyway...We arrived at 5 (we meaning ALL the parents). One coach shows up at 5:30...and then the other coach shows up AFTER 6!!! They did not let the kids go until 7!!!!! We were fit to be tied. I don't mind if practice needs to be from 6-7....but at least we can prepare for that.... (stepping down off that soap box for now...)

So they have a game tonight....actually Katharine is the only kiddo going to the game...Noah is headed to a banquet for wrestling. I was picked to go to the wrestling banquet (yeah! Inside! Pizza! Cake! Awards! Home by 7:30! ooops did I say that???). Tomorrow is supposed to be the make up game for last Monday...and then we have ANOTHER game on Saturday morning (who thought up this crazy schedule???). On to of that...the game on Sat is from 10:30-12...after that we have to eat on the way to clean up the girl scout campground (I had committed to that before we ever had a schedule for baseball). I will hopefully get there by able to work from 1-3 before I have to turn around and come home for *hopefully* an hour before I have to turn around and head out to a mothers day banquet with the girls..........At the most..I will have an hour to get myself and 2 girls ready.....after doing yard work for 2 hours and no nap (for me or them).........*sigh* isn't this stuff supposed to be FUN????? Honestly..if it rains........out goes the game.....and the clean up..........and then all we have is the banquet...which truth be told is the only thing I really wanted to do anyway!