Friday, May 16, 2008

Lost??? Anyone? Anyone?

So Jack FINALLY gets it....he and Claire are/were indeed brother/sister...I was wondering if he was EVER going to know/figure it out. And as for the next episode....I hear from Shannon we are supposed to find out who exactly was in that coffin....any ideas?? I have my own.....And whats with everyone lying about the rest of the folks on the island and how they/if they died?? Notice all the "looks" everyone was giving when referring to their "story" and appearing to be in shock (who wouldn't???).....hum......something tells me the trip off the island is going to be as nutty and crazy as life on the island...

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Anonymous said...

It's too much for this old brain to try and figure out. I'm going to have to buy the seasons eventually and just watch them continuously with a notebook to keep up with everything.
And btw, i'm thinking everyone ends up back on the island after seeing all the explosives on the ship.
How does one move an island?