Thursday, May 01, 2008

Please let it rain...........

As I would really enjoy some free time this week! Especially before school starts Monday (actually we will have to do some work tomorrow). The kids were supposed to have a baseball game last Monday (Katharine and Noah are on the same team) but it was rained out....that's ok...we weren't going anyway as they had dance. Tuesday night was baseball practice from 5-6:15....well it was SUPPOSED to be anyway...We arrived at 5 (we meaning ALL the parents). One coach shows up at 5:30...and then the other coach shows up AFTER 6!!! They did not let the kids go until 7!!!!! We were fit to be tied. I don't mind if practice needs to be from 6-7....but at least we can prepare for that.... (stepping down off that soap box for now...)

So they have a game tonight....actually Katharine is the only kiddo going to the game...Noah is headed to a banquet for wrestling. I was picked to go to the wrestling banquet (yeah! Inside! Pizza! Cake! Awards! Home by 7:30! ooops did I say that???). Tomorrow is supposed to be the make up game for last Monday...and then we have ANOTHER game on Saturday morning (who thought up this crazy schedule???). On to of that...the game on Sat is from 10:30-12...after that we have to eat on the way to clean up the girl scout campground (I had committed to that before we ever had a schedule for baseball). I will hopefully get there by able to work from 1-3 before I have to turn around and come home for *hopefully* an hour before I have to turn around and head out to a mothers day banquet with the girls..........At the most..I will have an hour to get myself and 2 girls ready.....after doing yard work for 2 hours and no nap (for me or them).........*sigh* isn't this stuff supposed to be FUN????? Honestly..if it rains........out goes the game.....and the clean up..........and then all we have is the banquet...which truth be told is the only thing I really wanted to do anyway!

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