Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great Weekend!

Yep! Here it is...the beginning of another busy week....but at least we had a nice relaxing weekend! On Saturday we had a few errands to run along with a birthday party and then a cook out at my sisters. It was great to see them and my nieces...I was also able to see my nephew over in Japan via web cam.

Katharine has been really upset that Kyle has had to work so much...she is never able to see him :( On Sunday morning Kyle went in a woke her up extra early so the two of them could go to breakfast together :) How sweet :) We all met up at church where Katharine and I had to fly out of there to meet our fellow girl scouts by noon as we were headed to Build-a-bear!

We headed off to Build-a-Bear and I tell ya..it was SO much fun...I want to go back and build a bear lol. The only problem is that I don't have an arm and a leg to leave there as I already had to leave it at the gas pump this week lol.

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