Sunday, May 04, 2008

Are we heading for the Fabulous fours?

I don't remember...I really just don't. I know that I never went through "the terrible twos" with either one of my kiddos that we had in that age. Noah did go through what I would call "the trialsome three's"....and it seems that Maddie is now going through " the trialsome threes"....only she turns four next month. Of course...this could also just be the difference between girls and boys..........Noah was never one for outbursts of temper tantrums...he just whined and melted into the floor. Maddie on the other hand......she cried and threw herself on the floor because she didn't want to go to the banquet last night.....then as soon as I walked out the door she threw herself on the floor screaming because I did not take her with me. This morning Noah sits in his chair at church...Maddie walks over, stands in front of him and starts whining and crying " I want to sit in that chair.. I want that seat. NOAH MOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ." Oh good gravy......everything with this girl is just DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.......:)

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