Friday, May 23, 2008

On the mend...

After I came down with it....Noah came down with it. Yuck! On the advice of many foodies on several lists I am on...I decided to take the route of the Neti pot and LOTS of garlic (accompanied by our usual doses of Keifer and 'bucha). WHA LA! Only a couple days later and I am feeling almost as good as new! Noah was running a fever and had the nasty coughs and the VERY NEXT DAY he was fine. This is unheard of for him! Fantastic! He actually got up this morning and ate his egg (cooked in some healthy coconut oil..yum!), toast, and big glass fo Kefir drink (this one had 1/2 kefir, 1/2 milk with a splash of vanilla and a dose of stevia). That alone is a VERY filling breakfast and he ate all of it!

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