Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Wow I can't believe it has been that long! We have been soooooooooo busy around here. By the time I finish with school during the day, I either have someone running to baseball, dance, 4-H, Bible study etc. Since this is the end of the school year (for most) things are wrapping up...for example 2 nights this week we have to head to scottsburg for dance...one night for practice and another night for dance pictures. That's another thing....dance pictures. On top of me having to finish making Noah's costume I have to take care of the girls hair. On top of school. On top of Baseball. On top of 4-H. Oh, and On top of Girl Scouts. Our dance recital is the last Saturday of this month and because I did not feel I had anything better to do with my time, I thought it would fun for myself and Katharine to sign up for the Mother Daughter Dance. Actually I know this is going to be a great memory making experience for her (hopefully for a good reason and not because I fall on my face on stage). All in All....in 2 weeks dance will be over. On June 6 we will have our homeschool end of the year program.....that stuff will be over. The 2nd week in June is baseball championships.....that will be over. the 4-h fair will be in july...then yeah that will be over. Girl scouts just seems to go on with field trips that the girls earned through their cookie sales. I am hopning I can look at those as a time to *relax* LOL....hand painting pottery, build-a-bear, a trip on a boat on the Ohio River, and then finally a trip to The Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio.....yeah....and oh yeah... GIRL SCOUT CAMP! which I have volunteered for.....


us. said...

so, whatcha doing in your 'free time'??


Anonymous said...

I'm too busy laughing to comment :)