Monday, April 28, 2008

-5 Truths and 1 lie.......-

Or fiction?????

alright, here's a game that was posed to me by someone else - it's where you list 6 things about you (5 truths & 1 lie) - you make it as hard as you can so it's a bit of a challenge to others that might wish to 'play along' - alright, here goes!

1. I walked all around the Charlotte airport with my dress over my shoulders...exposing myself to everyone.

2. I was a size 8 through high school.

3. When we moved from one of our houses....I lived on the 2nd floor and my mom had to replace some of the shingles as they had been removed from all the times my friends and I would "escape"

4.I felt the need to participate in Senior skip days...even when I was a sophomore and junior. I was a little advanced for my age....and besides...growing up in Fl...who could say no to a day at the beach????

5. When I was *wee- little* I aspired to be a *stewardess* on Eastern Airlines.

6. I Had my 1st car accident less than 3 months after I got my drivers license. which of those is the lie.......


us. said...

i'll say #5 as that's the most 'mild' & knowing you... you do NOTHING 'mild' - hehe


Georgi said...

well, i truly was going to put #5, but since that was taken i will guess #1 and pray for your sake that wasn't true!!!
God bless,