Sunday, April 13, 2008

Haiti Update from Bin....

Sorry you didn't hear from me. The reason was that I was not been able to connect to my server for the past several days. Just wanted you to know, that the country is pretty much back to normal. There are no blocked streets and the people are resuming their normal daily activities.

The Prime Minister Jacquet Alexis is no longer the Prime Minister and now the President will select another person to fill the position. The people are satisfied with this action and are no longer demonstrating; HOWEVER, they are waiting to see if things will be better. The president has asked the reduction of certain foods (spaghetti, ketchup, meat, etc); however, the people would like to see the price of primary foods like rice, oil, beans reduced. There is talk (haven't verified) that Brazil has given Haitian ??? tons of food and that they are talking about having canteens.

About travel to Haiti: I see no reason to cancel any trips that any of you may have already arranged.

While there was lots of stores with windows broken and there was lots of looting, especially on the Delmas streets, it is fair to say, on behalf of the demonstrators, that this was not done by them but was an offshoot of those that always profit the occasion to steal and loot. It is something that happens throughout the world when there is chaos..... Always those that will capitalize on the movements of others who want to have peaceful problems solved.

Granny Bin (a.k.a.Bin) and Maggie

*to add-Please pray for this for us and many others here stateside....while we may not be "Haitian"...our kids are....and our kids have family down there....and to us, if its our kids family, then it is our family too. Pray for safety and that the Word will be spread to reach ALL*

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