Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Yep you read that right. We hadn't said anything about this to anyone as we had enough going on over the past week. This only added to our bunch of worries and we really wanted to avoid "issues." but......The best way it was explained to me...was that sometimes states contract with other states (kind of like they work together). When Kyle turned his application in to the state he did get hired for this job.......but one of our partner states (Colorado) has long been looking for someone with Kyles abilities and skills. A fist it was a definite "NO!" but then on the other hand....I have been longing for a change for a long time. Kyle started to think to that a move would not be so bad and maybe change is exactly what we need. He replied back this morning with a huge YES...so indeed we are moving! His will (for the 1st time in his life) be in a salary position making almost DOUBLE what he makes now. We have looked at housing and we plan on living in an apt for a while...at least until our house burns down sells. Things will be tight as we will have to afford the house payment for a while, but once we get rid of the house payment we can start looking for our own "home" over there. I now need to get checking on Colorado homeschool laws amongst many other things. While I am sad we will be leaving my friends and family behind, we are excited about a new opportunity.


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