Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Homeschool Conference

It was great! We had such a great time :). We left our house by 5am on Friday...and apparently there was an earthquake while we were on the road....we knew nothing lol. I ended up calling my sister and then my neighbor. My sister slept through it, my niece had stuff falling off her walls, and then it woke my next door neighbor up as the house was shaking. Needless to say I had her run to our house to make sure everything was OK...and it was. Wouldn't you know, something exciting happens around our house....and I miss it???

We arrived at Loris to drop the kids off and hung around for just a few before heading out. We arrived at the conference at about 8:45. General assembly started at 9. After that we headed to the exhibit hall. Now before I go on...I feel the need to tell you......there should be some type of "AA" meeting for people like me.....only not alcohol.........curriculum. "Hi my name is Angela" (in the back ground "HI ANGELA) "And I am...a curriculum junkie." I love going through all these things saying "Ohhh I would LOVE TO do this" and "Ohhhh I would LOVE to do that" and before I know it I have over scheduled and over worked my day. I went in with a PLAN (and a budget) of what we were going to do this year. I basically stayed within my plan and went over budget by 20 dollars. Kyle is working on the kids about the tabernacle so he saw some things that would go along great...not in my budget but hey...if he is getting excited about homeschooling the kids then he can go at it. Here is what we picked up for this year:

History for all: Mystery of History volume 1

Noah: All I needed were Rod and Staff 1st grade workbooks. He was more than capable of reading all the way through the 1st grade reader so we omitted unit 1 in the 1st grade books. I purchased units 2-5 in workbooks only. For math all he needed was the Math U see Beta workbook.

Katharine- I bought the Learning Language Arts through literature yellow (3rd grade) teacher and student book. I also purchased the Math U see Gamma teacher and student pack.

unexpected items: The one unexpected item I bought was called "History pockets." These look like some cool activities that will go right along with what we are learning in mystery of history...too cool! Kyle purchased a workbook on the tabernacle, and then a "visual" of the tabernacle for the kids.

Maddie= we already had all of hers....Math U See Primer and Little Hands to Heaven.

We also will be using KONOS with all :)

We heard some GREAT speakers....I was able to hear Shelly Noonan speak about "Beautiful girlhood to wonderful womanhood" and "Build-a-man" (comparing build a bear to raising a godly son....choosing what to fill them with, choosing their heart, what are we going to clothe them in etc..). We also attended a workshop on Homeschooling a child with Sensory integration (that was VERY useful to us). We heard all about Indiana History ( so new to me as a Floridian!) and the last session we attended was about Fathers and sons: from apprenticeship to discipleship.

Aside from all the convention-ey type stuff.....It was a whole 2 days where it was just "Kyle and I." We took time to walk around downtown, visit a museum, actually have SEVERAL meals where we could just talk..the two of us. We took time to walk around the mall...and we even (unexpectedly) met up with some of our friends from the Connersville Church!

So now my goal.....School starts in 13 days...lesson plans...lesson plans....lesson plans!


Cheryl said...

I wondered about you and the earthquake. :-) Glad to hear it did not effect you at all.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Glad you got everything you needed. So, I guess you are a "school through the Summer" family. I try that every year and I crash and burn. Actually, these last couple weeks have been hard for me to get motivated to do anything.