Thursday, April 03, 2008

Prayer Request

Thank you everyone for all your kind words and emails over the past week. Our family has really needed it :) The decisions we had to make were hard, but God is faithful and will see us through. I now have 3 more prayer requests for you:

1. Our good friend and sister in the Lord, Bettie, is in the hospital again. She is an older widow and her body is constantly plagued by various lung infections. This one seems particularly bad.

2. Another sister in the Lord is Peggy. She is battling cancer and has just found out (through an MRI) that her condition has worsened instead of improving (after a year of chemo and radiation). The tumors they found were inoperable. They are considering more radiation, but because of the amount she has already had, they will only be at 1/2 strength (if my recollection is correct).

3. The Barnett family -Katharine has dance class with the youngest Barnett. We found out last Monday they this family lost everything they had in the flood 2 weeks ago. They were never able to have flood insurance and have now lost their home (not repairable), all of their furniture, all of their shoes, and many other items. They were able to walk out with anything that was "high up" (items on top shelves, pictures on the walls) and most of their clothing. Everything else was a loss. They have 2 girls ages 10 and 7.

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