Friday, April 25, 2008

And......HE WON!

That's sweet boy won the Championships! This is his last year in "pee-wee" and next year he will be considered Bantam so his competition may be a bit more "fierce." Next year the traveling team will be a must if he wants to are some pics of the winner (s) :) Excuse some of the was very dark in there and my camera was not being very co-operative!!!

Ok ....where is he????

You're MINE! See my hiney? See my friends yelling for me in the background?

Ok kid...just ROLL would make my job so much easier....

And I got it! See the ref's hand? Red hand up means red team (me) wins!

Here is the two of us posing for our winning pic's. Don't we look great?

See all of the kids (little ones anyway) that won blue ribbons? They should of put all the kids with red ribbons in there too as they worked just as hard as we did :)


us. said...

whooooooooooooo - great job!


stephanie garcia said...

WOW! Way to go!!

PS - I e-mailed you with my addy, did you get it? I'm excited to see the pictures! (: