Saturday, April 12, 2008


Standing in the bathroom, as I was doing one of the girls hair...there it was...something right behind the bangs........flittering in the hair. The girl says "That's not what I THINK it it?!?!?!" Kyle walks up and says "Yep..its a tick...and its stuck....hold on." Kyle grabs the tweezers and as he does the girly starts screaming...stomping her feet...flailing her arms screaming "GET IT OUT!!!! GET IT OUT!!!!" There were tears coming from her eyes!!! Kyle kept saying "Calm down and DON'T freak out!".....too late. So as the girl is crying and just wanting to fly as far far away from that big bad bug as she can...Kyle grabs the tweezers and pulls it out of her hair laughing. When the tick was out...the girl wiped her face...and then smacked her husband for making fun of her. Have pity on that girl ya'll...that girl was ME


us. said...

LOLOLOLOL - i knew it!! - you should've taken a pic of it as that's BLOG MATERIAL GIRL!!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

That's awesome! I can so see the emotion! Girl's are great at that.
I also wanted to thank you for the kind comment on Crystal's blog about my post. That has been a topic I have struggled with for a while. How cool that you came to the same conclusion!