Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ok So Sanite had her 1st piano lesson today. She did great! She was horribly nervous and didn't say a word the entire time we were there (for those who don't know her that is SO unusual!!). School Went great again today. I think next year though I will be going to Learning Language arts through literature (which was my 1st instinct this year) as opposed to Rod and staff. I am finding Rod and Staff a very a good program but I am kind of bored (already LOL) Here is a pic of my sweet "baby cakes" with her 2 new piano books. She is so proud!!!

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LeaAnne said...

Sanite, You are such a beautiful girl. I'm so proud of you for taking piano. What a smart girl you are also. I miss you alot, and so does JennaLea. Tell you little sister, and your little brother we said hello. :D Keep being a good listener! Love, LeaAnne