Wednesday, April 26, 2006

OK Where do I Begin? First a little about our family..........

We are Kyle and Angela and we live in Indiana. I am 29 (soon to be 30 UG) and Kyle is 31 (soon to be 32 hehe). I grew up in Florida but Kyle is an Indiana native. I enjoy schooling, sewing, and computer time *ahem* and hubby on the other hand loves anything to do with cars. Well at least American cars and especially Fords *smile*. Right now he works in a plastics factory and has his own auto shop (refurbishing/hotrodding cars) that he works in part time. He is wanting to get his own business going (believe me he is plenty talented!) and we hope that will happen by next year.

We have 3 beautiful children who are the wonders of our lives. Our oldest is Sanite who is 6. She came home from Haiti at 3years 7 months. She LOVES dance classes and is really getting into sports. Right now she is playing T-ball for the 2nd year and can't wait for soccer season to open! She is also begging for tennis lessons, swim lessons, and piano lessons UG! Can we say busy busy busy??? She is so smart and purely intelligent. When she came home she spoke no English but yet has accomplished preschool and Kindergarten and part of 1st grade work! She is an amazing child. She has a heart of pure gold and I cant wait to see her grow up and see how God leads her on the pathway of motherhood. If she is as good to her own children as she is to her baby sis she will be the best mom in the world!

Our next is Noah. From the beginning (he came home at 15mo) he has truly been that "bouncing baby boy." I wish someone would tell me when the bouncing stops! LOL He is definitely ALL BOY. His favorite past times are bugging his sisters, wrestling, and just being a "little man." He started preschool last year and is loving it! He begs to do his work everyday and loves it when we get to do science so we can play with stuff and oh yeah..."Learn about God and stuff" as he puts it. Oh I forgot..another past time..raiding the fridge :). I don't know where he puts it! He is 4 but yet almost the same size as our 6 year old! He is solid muscle (which comes in handy in sports!). He is such an awesome little man! God has truly blessed us with him!

Our baby is Madelynn. She has been home for almost 16 months and came home at the age of 6mo. She is now 22 months and a little wild one. She is busy busy busy and currently attached to moms hip. Her favorite past times would be copying her brother and sister, trying to show us how "big" she is i.e "Mom watch this!", and trying to show her individuality in this family. She is in love with Diego (Go! Diego Go!) and anything that has to do with "lella" ( Cinderella).

We also have 2 pets. Snowflake the all white beagle and Precious the insane kitty. *sigh* life is never dull around here.....................

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