Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Well Noahs Game was rained out last night. Boy it would of been nice if they could of called the game before we actually got there! HA It wasn't raining when we left our house but it was raining by the time we arrived at the ball field. Sanite Practice has already been cancelled for tonight. She still has a game tomorrow but honestly if there is anything that can make life just a wee bit simpler these days I would sure appreciate it. Kyle and I are on the hunt for a new vehicle for me. He wants a Ford and I really want a dodge van. I have had 3 dodges so far and they have all been great vehicles. Kyle is a die hard Ford fan though. We are "discussing" getting something besides a van, possibly a larger SUV? I think I would be much happier with a Ford SUV than a Ford van. We may decide after all it needs to be a van. Who knows LOL. Sanite has her field trip to the Simmons School tomorrow and I am so excited! She is going to have to get up at the crack of dawn to go though! I KNOW she will not be pleased with that! We have to leave the house by all 4 of us.....I am thinking that it is going to be cereal in a bag for breakfast tomorrow!

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