Monday, May 29, 2006

We had a great weekend! 1st of all, all day Friday I worried about if we were going to be able to camp. The kids and I were determined we were going to go so we decided we would get everything out so we could tent camp. Ugh what a mess!!!! Kyle came home and looked through the tent, found a few holes and began to sew them. At 5 we were going through the camper taking out things we were going to use for the weekend when Kyle pressed a button and it flashed at him. He said "why did that just flash at me?!?!" After playing around with it EVERYTHING was working! So we left everything in the back of the truck and hooked up the camper to it and were able to go camper and all! Praise God too because this weekend was a scorcher and the kids (and us) would of been miserable in a tent. We arrived pretty late Friday night over at the Lincoln State Park so we ran to subway for dinner. After that we came back and headed off to dream land. Sat morning we had to do some last minute grocery shopping and went to visit the Lincoln boyhood Memorial. It was really neat! The kids got to see the working farm an were amazed. We were able to go with some friends of ours and the one lady friend of mine used to work there. It was great to hear some 1st hand knowledge from her about the "goings on" at the working farm and memorial. We took a walk around for a while but the kids were absolutely pooped so we went back to camp and everyone took a nap. I think going from the heat to the air was the killer! After we all woke up we went to a high school graduation open house and met some of our friends family. The kids were able to play and go look at the ducks by the pond. When we left our friends had some family come and set up tents in the camping area so the kids had other ones to play with the rest of the weekend. That was fun but I was glad to have some time when it was just "us."

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