Saturday, July 28, 2007


OK so has been a while since I have posted...LORI! QUEEN OF BLOGGER LAND....Of all that is full of blogger-ness, with thy right hand that ruleth the keyboard and whose words always fillith our bellies full of laughter....please forgive me! LOL Ok so LOTS going on with us the past few weeks...first of all Kyle and I had a GREAT birthday dinner. My birthday is July 12 and Kyles is the 14. We always combine our birthdays and do something neat with the family. This year we went to the Derby Dinner playhouse and saw Peter Pan. It was FANTASTIC! We have been to Derby several times and I have to say this was the best production we have seen!

Then the following day my nephew was married...well...kind of lol. They actually were married back in May (see previous blogs) but had a ceremony this month. It was beautiful:)

Last week my kids attended a VBS at a church around the corner from us. We are very familiar with the people that attend there as we all used to attend a large congregation together way back when before it split. This congregation works with us on our Haitian mission and generally has our Haitian missionary with them for their VBS. This year he was able to bring part of his family with him!!!! Below are all the Haitian children...

left to right: Phedna, Sanite, Kesley, Maddie, Edson, and Noah

It was amazing that our kids "chose" to stick with the Haitian kids as much as they could at the VBS....even though Nerriils kids spoke ONLY Kreyol and our kids spoke ONLY English.....Noah was so cute...he followed Phedna around like a little puppy:) Made my heart warm!

We are officially on "break" now from school and will start back the 1st week in September YEAH!!!!!! We have SO much to look forward to over the next month. On Friday we will be headed down to Louisville for a car show, on Saturday we will be headed off to Haitian family camp, then lets add another VBS on top of it! On the 17th we will be headed off to Indiana Beach as Kyle won 4 tickets at the 4-h fair (go Kyle!). On the 25th we have the back to school picnic with the homeschool group, and I am usually heading off to see my Aunt over in PA (my only blood relative left except for my siblings) but alas funds are tight this year! Gas is just way too expensive! *sigh*

I DID manage to get some pics of the kids while they were playing at the park the other day. This park is at the school I used to teach at. It was kind of neat to see them playing on all that equipment!

Maddie "hangin' out"

Noah being a silly boy :)

Happy face Sanite!


moi said...

Hi angela- i loved ur post... tell sanite she looks adorable in her pics!

me! said...

i was gonna mention it, but chose not to :) ~ love hearing what you all are doing & can't wait to see you guys this weekend!!