Tuesday, March 27, 2007

OK let me say one thing....71 SLEEPS UNTIL WE LEAVE FOR VACATION!!!!! We are so excited! Last year we went on vacation with our very best friends and we are so blessed to be able to do it again this year. This time however we get to go back to my old stomping ground in FLORIDA!!!!! We will be leaving on June 6 which is Noah and Sanites "Gotcha day" and traveling to Atlanta. We should be in Atlanta Early afternoon (provided we don't get up at the crack of dawn to leave!). For their special day we are taking the kids to the coca-cola museum, then to The Varsity for dinner, and then swimming in the pool. The following day we will go the remainder of the way into Tampa. Once we get to Tampa we are going to visit my parents graves and then swing over to Ybor City for an absolutely YUMMY Cuban Sandwich and Deviled Crab..With a side of Cuban Coffee (I am DROOLING right now as I say this!). Thursday evening we are having a cookout with one of my best friends from high school ( who was also the maid of honor at my wedding). I am so looking forward to seeing her and meeting her husband and daughter! The next day we are off to the MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) which was one of my favorites places to go growing up and I know the kids and Kyle will like it too. That night we will be meeting up with Lori and Spike and all their little lambs so we can start our vacation together! The rest of the week will be filled with beach days, Visits to the Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios Orlando, and Disney World! One other exciting thing is that on Sunday we "hope" to get to meet with someone who tried to share the gospel with my mother. She was a student of my mothers in High school and she is now a Christian. We hope to be able to attend the same assembly as her and her family that way we can "meet." It is odd how we met in the 1st place...... I am on several homeschooling groups through Yahoo! There was a discussion going on in the Church of Christ homeschooling group about Tampa and of course I had to get involved:) I briefly posted about how I grew up in Tampa and both my parents were public school teachers (yada yada yada). Before I knew it, word had gotten around and I received and email from someone who was not even on the list saying someone on that list had told her about this because she knew that my mom had been her favorite teacher! Pretty cool huh? Small world :)God works in some amazing ways! Well I better head off here because the kids are eating breakfast.....God Bless!

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