Monday, September 29, 2008

Been MIA~

Sorry I have been MIA for so long everyone....back on the 14th we had a horrible wind storm that went through our county and left us without power for 8 days. Fun. yeah. to say the least. It could of been much worse and it was FAR from being completely devastating (although MANY homes, vehicles and such) were damaged. We were blessed in the fact that we only lost about 1/4 of our roof (not completely blown away, just had some shingles and tar to be fixed) and the trees that DID fall down were on the back of our property (40ft tall pine trees) so they didn't land on anything but the ground :) If the same trees at the front of our property would have fallen that way, it would of gone straight through the kids rooms. We praise God for saving us from that! Our neighbor, on the other hand had an oak tree completely uprooted and dropped on his truck...*ouch* Many of the trees around here were not even "torn", they were just completely uprooted. I am going to try and head out to get some pics of our area where there are still some trees down.

Hopefully we are now *back* on track!

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mama said...

Glad to hear that you finally have power again. We were once out for 14 days after hurricane wilma a couple of years ago.