Sunday, November 02, 2008

A "wee" bit sore........

Well I FINALLY got the call I have been waiting for! I had put myself on a sign up list last summer to participate in our local gym's free program. If you work for 2 hours/week in their childcare room you get a free gym membership, free classes, and free childcare for my munchkins! They called me up last Wednesday, I went in for my orientation last Friday, and I made my 1st gym visit on Saturday. I really had a great time. I was alone and I wasn't the only fat plump hefty overweight person there (whew). I was able to get in a couple miles on the treadmill and about 5 miles on the stationary bike. Since I walk on the treadmill at home, it really wasn't all THAT different. I did, however, hop up on some of their weight machines to do some strength training. Ok.Ow.My shoulders hurt lol. But its a good hurt....I am looking forward to heading back tomorrow and working in the childcare center then taking an hour to do more cardio (hopefully I will get brave enough to tackle the elliptical....pretty bad when you see a woman in her 70's going to town on the machine and I am cowering in the corner like a little girl) and more strength training. According to the peeps at sparkpeople....strength training should be every other day so I am going to give it a shot.....I will probably do the same machines I did before as....well....I can't figure the others out ROFL! I am going to try and keep my eyes open and "spy" on people to see how they do the machines...........

On a funny note.....I saw people carrying these huge weights and doing walking lunges around the gym with the weights over their head. They were groaning pretty load...I was thinking to myself that I could not fit in there as I would have to use the 2 pound weight over my head.....while simultaneously falling on the floor and grunting....oh its a good thing I am not in Bob or Jillian's hands...I am such a wimp LOL


smithtraining said...

A healthy diet and exercise are the keys to permanent weight loss.

Anonymous said...

I hear that! bob and jillian would totally earn their moneys worth trying to whip me into shape!!!
thanks for the bday text luv ya!
hey to the kiddos!

girlymama said...

free membership? thats awesome!
i went to the gym for the first time over the summer and discovered that i am waaaayyyy too uncoordinated to use an elliptical machine.
lets just leave it at that. i'm sticking to the treadmill, thank you.

feel better!

girlymama said...

love your twilight countdown! i just read the book and now i can't wait!!!