Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day Maddie!

yes, I know today is NOT her real Gotcha Day, but it was the only day close we could celebrate it as a family and we did that today:). Take a look at my baby's picture and tell me if you see anything different....

Do you see the gleam??? The one coming off of her EAR????? My baby has been begging for quite a while to have her ears pierced...and I was so nervous! I should have believed her as she kept saying she was ready...and boy was she! We headed down to The piercing Pagoda today (where Katharine had her ears pierced) and when I saw that they had 2 people available I knew we were good to go :). We picked out her new *pink* ear rings (her birthstone) and she was ready. All day yesterday and today she was asking questions...what does it feel like...does it hurt...what does it sound like....what do they they stick it *in* my ear...and we answered all her questions honestly...without being BRUTALLY honest lol. As soon as the woman said "come on through the door" she was dragging me in! We walked back and she sat on my lap. They had both guns ready to go at the same time....and the women got both of their guns lined up...and then 1, 2, 3! They were in....Maddie jumped a little but NEVER cried! I kept waiting for it to come and it never did :) She was so excited to get them done and so proud to have "big girl ears" that the pain didn't matter. I guess she is a true woman as she embraced with grace the saying "beauty is pain." So true right ladies? lol Here are more pics from our day......

Maddie with big smiles about her ears!

After the ear piercing we headed to IHOP (hello...PANCAKES????) for the Gotcha Day dinner

Maddie decorating her pancakes

It was a rough day for all :)

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