Thursday, January 01, 2009

There's not a better way to start off the new year than with a clean bill of health :)

And yep that would be me :) Although the circumstances that brought me to that conclusion were a bit freaky. I woke up last Sunday night with cramping in my chest. It had happened before I had had never said anything but as I get "older" I have to start taking these things seriously. My siblings and I are the oldest living full generation in my family. I do have 1 aunt on one side of the family and 1 uncle on the other and neither of them have been in great health either. As morning approached I I told Kyle what had happened and he made me promise to go see the Dr before I went back to the gym. I thought hum..there is a class tonight I want to go to so I better get in today!

At 4:00 I walked into the Dr. office (in my gym clothes of course) and waited until I was called back. I was taken back and the Dr. came into see me (we LOVE our Dr. as we know his family from out in the community not just from Dr. office visits) and asked what was going on (rhetorical question). He said as nicely as he could that my life is stressful (no kidding!) and that was where he was leaning BUT he wanted to do some EKG's just in case. They ran the machine 5 times and told me to starve fast until the next morning and come back for blood work.

The next morning (coffee in hand ready to drink the moment the needle went in my arm) I headed to the office for blood work. The nurses told me to call back in 24 hours to find out the results, which, of course, I did! They tested, thyroid, blood sugar, and cholesterol and they were all in the EXCELLENT range...not just good....or ok...but EXCELLENT! Yippee!

So now...the Dr. has put me on meds just in case it is a small hernia (kyle had one) and he said 3 weeks of meds should do me. He also said I need a hobby to help reduce stress...AND TO KEEP ON EXERCISING he he !

So now as I sit here with a temp of 101...I tell you I am EXCELLENT health...great....fabulous...*cough* *cough* *hack*


lori shepler - said...

praise the lord you're alright [called you yesterday, but couldn't reach you, so i thought i'd call tomorrow to check on ya] - wish you were feeling better [want some chicken soup??]

Candy Floss and Farrie Cakes said...

Poor girl! PTL with you that the tests were good. If Lori brings the chicken soup I'll bring the Sprite!