Saturday, January 03, 2009

The time is now....

4:09 PM and I am still not running a fever today...YEAH!!! I did go to our local convenient care center (which I am not a fan of as I have yet to have a decent Dr. there) and I think I finally did ok this time lol. I knew before I went in that I had asthmatic bronchitis...really there is not much they can do except for give me some antibiotics for my sinus infection and then slap me up with some prednisone (YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!)for the lung issue. The sinus infection does not even really bother me (I have chronic sinus infections) but the asthmatic type coughing is out of control (it has not been like this in years!) so much to the point where I have had to sleep sitting up the past couple nights.

At any rate.....I go into the office and its a different Dr than I had seen the last couple times. I told him what was going on and I got my usual rx's of prednisone and whatever round of antibiotics they wish to try :) yeah!!! Now that I have my prednisone I have enough energy to run 10 miles but not even the lung capacity to walk one. I guess I will be doing my usual while I am on these meds....up until 3 am and NO CAFFEINE FOR ME!

*except maybe my cup of coffee in the me that would not be a pretty sight!*

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