Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun in the sun, birthdays, and strep

Wow has this been a busy week! It started off with Friday July 11 when we met our friends from Haiti for dinner. It was wonderful getting to talk with them and "catch up" on what is going on with them. Maddie was all over Edna and just didn't want to let go! The next morning we headed out to Six flags as the kids (and myself) had free tickets from a reading program. We had a WONDERFUL day as a family. Katharine, Noah and I hit the roller coasters and had a ball! We all headed to the water park where there was a killer wave pool and even more slides :) I took Katharine up and she picked out the slides. In my old age I had forgotten that I don't like water slides that are completely I started to hyperventilate...begging for light...I remembered why i didn't enjoy them lol. We all decided to head off to eat lunch after the water park. While I was getting the kids ready Kyle went to fill up our drink (you could buy a drink and they refill it all day for yes we shared...this is important info for later on...). So there I am...Apparently I had too much water in my contacts and the only thing I could see was one big blur...So kyle leaves blind lady...and 3 kids...and all the towels..and bags...I am sure it was a sight to be seen. My two oldest had me by the hand trying to lead me out of the water park to find Kyle....yeah...real cute....At any rate, we stayed until the park closed and all kids were sleeping by the time we left the gate :)

The following day we went to our congregation as usual but then in the evening we picked up our Haitian friends and took them out to Manville Christian Church so he could present his situation and try to gain more support. All day Kyle had had a bit of a sore throat but didn't think anything of it. However, by the time we left Manville that night he was well on his way to a migraine. The following morning he woke up and he could not even talk....and his throat was completely coated with blisters and ulcers. Off to call up Dr. Napier and whisper a quick "Happy Birthday" in his ear as was his birthday. We arrived at Dr. Napier's who was appalled at Kyles throat. He said he was going to do a strep test (which is what we believed it was) but he said he had never seen strep that bad so in his opinion it must be something worse such as Mono or Epstein Barr. While we are waiting for the test to come back he is bringing all kinds of people in to look at his throat. Kyle says "Why is it every time I come in here I am some kind of medical freak and everyone has to come see my illnesses???" Which is so true...Kyle doesn't get sick all that often, but when he does, he makes it COUNT! The test came back positive for strep which was a good thing as he could now get antibiotics...2 SHOTS! The nurse shoved one shot into his rear end and suddenly the kids broke out into a chorus of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PAPA HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!" The nurse was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes and the Dr came back to give Kyle sympathy as he could see sympathy was not on the kids agenda for the day LOL. He stayed home from work for a few days and was feeling better. Wednesday night Noah came down with a fever and sore Friday morning it was gone *whew*

Friday I ended up surprising the kids by taking them to The Beach Waterpark where they had a ball there too. Another day of fun in the sun! Noah and Katharine went on every water slide there was available while Maddie and I played in areas more appropriate for her. I was beginning to think that we were finally out of the sickies......

But as you may is 10am on Sunday morning and we are not at worship service.....reason? We checked Maddie's throat this am and she has some white "bumpies" back there...sigh.....who will get it this week????

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