Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Last weekend we took the weekend off and went camping as a family. We had SO much fun and it was a MUCH needed family get away. Kyle has been working hours on end at his day job and in the shop so we have not seen much of him at all the past couple months. It was so nice to "leave the shop behind" and get away for a couple days. We headed off last Thursday to a new-to-us campground called Sycamore Springs Park. It was a beautiful campground with wildlife everywhere. When we 1st pulled into the park there were several deer standing there waiting to greet us :) We found our site, got set up, and headed off for firewood. By the way....along with there being no charge to camp, they supplied firewood for free! Anyway..after a quick dinner we headed off to bed. The following day the kids spent their time riding bikes and fishing! All 3 kids caught their 1st fish while we were there while I stood by and took pictures. No, I don't fish :) I stand by and cheer (or listen to the mp3 as the case may be).

Maddie being her silly self

Noah with one of the many fish he caught
Noah has discovered a new game....UNO...we have played it before but for some reason it REALLY took hold. Here is Kyle and Noah playing game 423. Doesn't Kyle look thrilled?

Snowflake doing what she does best....

Maddie "enjoying" her watermelon

Our camper and camp site. The camp sites were pretty close together but we had room in other places. Here you can see two of the bikes on gravel. That gravel is actually another persons site but we were lucky and they didn't show up the whole weekend so we did end up having a little bit extra space. We had a road in front of our camper (you can see it at the bottom of the pic). Across the road was our fire ring and picnic table.

Here you can get a better idea. I am standing between the bikes on our campsite. You can now see the road and directly across is the fire ring and picnic table. You see the blue trash can? There was one at each site and along sides of the fire rings. Now what you can't clearly see...is that just beyond where Katharine is standing is a nice sized creek that we were able to fish from...right from our site :)
Katharine enjoying her watermelon
Kyle doing what he does best :) This dinner was BBQ pork ribs, green beans w/onions &bacon, biscuits w/ butter, and grilled corn on the cob....yummm yummmmm
Noah playing his favorite game of UNO (he's concentrating)

All of the rest of the family fishing...I am jammin on the mp3...

Kyle and the kids playing at one of the MANY play areas the park has.
once again, Kyle and the kids on "The Circle of Vomit"
This was taken at another park...Katharine being her own "diva-ish" self

Noah, Katharine, and kyle fishing at our campsite. Anyone want to guess what I was doing?

Katharine's 1st fish
Maddie's 1st fish (this was on the same day she "enjoyed" her watermelon...I ended up throwing the shirt out as not even Oxyclean could get that watermelon stain out!)
Noah with his 1st fish...out in the pouring rain...he was so proud :)

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