Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Help! I'm Stuck!!!!

So just the other day Noah was in the shower, recovering from our camping trip. I heard a shout from the bathroom "I FORGOT A TOWEL! WILL YOU PLEAAAAAASE BRING ME ONE???" Without a moments thought I grabbed a towel and tried to open the bathroom door....nothing. I shoved on the door....nothing...I said "Noah I need to you unlock this door!" only to hear back "Mom it's not locked!" uh-oh....The door was completely jammed and Noah was stuck all by himself in the bathroom. It wouldn't of been so bad but Kyle was helping out neighbor work on something. "Katharine....go tell your dad Noah is stuck in the bathroom and I need him to help get him out." Katharine runs out, tells dad. 5 minutes later I am still waiting and teasing my son "there is plenty of room underneath the door. I can slip you a sandwich every now and then. You have a sink for water and a toilet along with a shower. What else do you need???" After about 20 minutes Kyle comes walking through the door...Noah freaking out just a little bit by now...Kyles reactions? "Oh he really is stuck! I thought you were kidding me!" So off comes the doorknob apparently completely busted on the inside. Out comes the boy...FREE AT LAST!

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