Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the final thought............

So on June 6, 2003 we wake up VERY early to get ready. I get Sanite ready first. Since I knew her shoe size now, I had gone out and bought her a new pair of tennis shoes. Mind you this was probably only her 2nd pair of shoes and her very 1st pair of "new" shoes. She looked at those shoes, and looked at those shoes, and played with those shoes, and showed them to me over and over and over again. It still amazes me how every little thing to her was just an "awe causing" moment. The 2 children and I arrive at the airport to meet with a broken hearted birthmom. She had spent the night at the village just so she could come say good bye to the kids. She had a tear streaked/stained face but was so glad they had a home. It was heart breaking. She loved these children so much, I am not sure they will even begin to understand how much she loves them until they are much older. We flew through the immigration and such and boarded our plane. We flew from Port-Au-Prince to Miami, We got off the plane in Miami and walked calmly to immigration (if you have ever been through immigration in Miami you realize this is not the norm!). When we arrived there were several other adoptive families there and so they opened a line just for us! We were in and out of immigration within 15 minutes LOL. That NEVER happens!With 2 kids in tow we had a 4 hour layover. Sanite is amazed with the Barbie and horse we had bought her and Noah...well...every pic we have of him he is eating something LOL. I took them for their first "American meal" at Burger King. Sanite had to inspect her food first and Noah...well....he just wasnt ready to eat until he had his foot on the table LOL. He raised that big (little) foot on the table and grabbed hold of that chicken nugget. I am not even sure he smelled it LOL. Sanite on the other hand decided it was edible and ate the entire thing before I had turned back around!The rest of our flights were pretty uneventful. I had to take a little girl who spoke NO English all around the airport and wheel Noah around making sure I had PLENTY of snacks lol. In fact, I had this little pink "leash" that went around her wrist that I called her "bracelet." She HATED that thing but it sure came in useful as the little stinker tried to make several escape attempts! Late that night.....I brought 2 tired kids through the CVG airport where we had Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, Lori, Spike, Boo, and Kiara waiting on us. We had a small trip to steak and shake, then off for home. By the time we arrived home both kids had just plain tuckered out. When they woke up the next morning they woke up in rooms they had never seen before, in a whole new country, and couldn't even understand those who were trying to comfort them. We have come such a long way. Thinking about this journey brings amazing tears to my eyes, for both the joy and the pain. I brought home a stubborn hard headed girl who is STILL stubborn and hard headed, but I believe that is more from her environment :) God has taken her personality and molded it His way...She is still stubborn and hard headed, but she is also the most giving, and obedient little girl. She is hardly ever in trouble and she wants to please everyone all the time. She is as smart as a whip and amazez me everyday. I can't believe how time has flown with her. It seemed just like yesterday she was coming home and now I can see the woman God has destined her to be. Noah is still my eater and my little man. He no longer has to eat with his foot on the table, but his feet are always doing something else. He is my little athlete. He is a lover of football and wrestling, and more than that...he loves Jesus. I always get a kick out of him telling everyone at church to "sit down" because "he" is about ready to start his lesson.....as he steps up to the podium it always goes like this" You see...there was this guy...Jesus.." LOL and the story continues to change. God is going to do such great things for him! I pray that our lives lead them into a life of servantry to God, doing His will. I pray they find christian spouses who will raise christian children. I pray that my whole family will grow up to become part of the Lords church. WE LOVE YOU BUBBA AND SISSY!!!!!!!

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