Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is she really 3?!?!

Ok so I haven't had that much time to post and I realize I still have more stuff to catch up on from Vacation but I had to put this blurb in for my baby Maddie...She is 3! We came home from vacation on the 17th only to turn around last Friday to head out camping for Maddies birthday. She has been begging for MONTHS "can we go camping for my birthday? Can we go Camping for my birthday?" So of COURSE we took her camping over at Clifty Falls. We had a nice site way in the back away from all the madness of various groups there for the weekend. We arrived on Friday, unpacked (which thankfully with the camper does NOT take long!) and fired up We had some super yummy grilled chicken and corn on the cob...all of it grilled.....smores to follow LOL. The next day (Saturday) was Maddies birthday party. We had family and friends show up around 4 and we cooked hot dogs, sausages, baked beans, and we also had plenty of chips, watermelon, and of course cake and ice cream! The whole family played with water balloons and bubbles. We had a great time! After all that was done and everyone left I took the girls to get washed off for Church the next morning. We came back and they were begging for more smores. I was like are you kidding me??? You should be stuffed LOL.

On a side note...both Sanite AND Noah now can ride bikes without training wheels!!!!! How awesome is that???? All morning on Saturday we were calling Noah "George."......"Hey Noah, watch out for that tree" ( feel free to replace tree with camper, picnic table, dumpster, tent, car as they were all used lol). Sanite had been riding a while without her training wheels but she would always "coast" instead of peddling and never had a good grip on the stopping part lol. I was able to get her on the road at the campsite (our road at home is in the country but still to busy to ride on) and I let her go. I had to show her she wasn't supposed to coast and she got it! Then it was time for the brakes. She was easy....I showed her once how to use the brakes and yep she got it. Noah on the other hand.....I thought he was going to rub his toes off by putting his feet on the ground to stop every time lol. It is amazing how fast they both "got it." In fact we hadn't even thought about taking his wheels off....he as begging at the campsite! Now they both chase each other on our yard like they have been doing it for years. So guess what they want for Christmas???? bikes......and Now Maddie is saying she wants a REAL bike like what Noah and sissy have...not her tricycle....UG! There was a little girl at the park riding a Cinderella should have heard Maddie squeal every time she went by!

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