Friday, June 01, 2007


Can you believe it???? 5 days from now we leave....We are all so excited we just can't stand it! The kids are already packed and we have started to pack the car. We already have the golf bags packed, the stroller (UG! Michele I forgot to see if I could borrow E's!!!!), the kids regular bags, the toy bags/beach gear etc. The only thins we have left are:

1. Mine and Kyles suitcases-of course everyone else has enough clothes to go around but us LOL

2. The coolers/snacks- we already have most of this it just needs to be thrown together. I got to the co-op on Monday to pick up my pineapple and granola bits for my snack. Yep its in a HUGE 5 gallon bucket...think we will have enough? LOL

We are really really really going to try and be good this time....we are going to "try" and limit ourselves to eating out once a day...the more we can save, the more we can pay down, and the sooner Kyle can be out of Meese and on his own.

Last year we went with our best friends the Sheplers and had a FABULOUS time! We are soooooooo looking forward to going again. Last year I think one of the highlights of our trip was where we went to the Dixie should of SEEN Noah and Kiaras faces when they put that whole Cornish hen on their plate LOL Noahs eyes bout popped out of his head....he thought he had died and gone to Heaven LOL If you all wouldn't mind...say a prayer for the rest of Fl as they don't even realize what kind of invasion they have coming next week LOL

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