Sunday, June 03, 2007

My daughter the Diva...........

Yesterday was Sanites dance recital and she was SUCH the Diva! The theme was "Viva Las Vegas!" and the whole event just turned out cute! I can tell SUCH a big difference from when she started 2 years back....she was just cute and it didn't really matter what she did as they would just be cute....this year she could actually remember the dances (for the most part) and was able to "get into it" a bit. At one point Kyle and I were just laughing. During her tap dance she thought that she was Sammy Davis Jr and started flipping her feet where ever they would go lol. You could tell it was on purpose as the rest of the group was doing one thing and then she just BUSTS OUT with this little toe tapping dance LOL.

She did great and had a wonderful time. Every year after recital she gets to pick where we go/what we eat. This year she chose to just go and home and grill out hot dogs/chili dogs! Only Sanite :) She is an absolute blessing and I can't imagine what life would be like without her! WE LOVE YOU SISSY!

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