Monday, June 25, 2007

Long time no Blog eh?

Wow has the past month been a total and complete BLUR! We had a FABULOUS time on vacation! On that 1st day we took the kids to The World of Coca Cola in Atlanta. Wow was it cool! It had been YEARS since I had been there and even then it was TOTALLY different. The only thing that remained was where you could taste all the cokes from around the world (and yes for all of you who are wondering.....Beverly is still there!). We saw a movie in 4-d (KEWL!) and see all the Coke paraphernalia that has been around since like....well...forever..... We saw movies about coke, and even saw one movie that was coke "through the years." We got to hear all the coke jingles that we grew up with (and many many many that were before our time!) It was awesome. Kyle and I were sitting back going..."Oh yeah!!! I remember that commercial!" it was truly funny. The kids loved it..the best part was watching their faces as they drank some of the coke products from around the world. Of course I gave everyone a cup of Beverly Just to see their faces lol. I thought poor Noah was going to be sick. That night we headed to The Varsity for Dinner (What'll ya have...what'll ya have...........) you can't visit Atlanta without visiting The Varsity!

The following day we went to visit both my parents graves and then off to my friend Allison's house for dinner that night. It was so great to meet your family! Call us next time you get up to Louisville!!!!!

The following day was a trip to the science museum where my kids stood in the middle of Hurricane can't really tell in the picture but the kids are standing in the middle of 80mph wind gusts!

We met up with Lori and Spike that afternoon (after eating at Alessi's bakery!) and headed on over to Titusville to watch the space shuttle launch! How awesome!

It was great! More on Vacation tomorrow!

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