Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guess what I did today?

I made reservations for our vacation!!!! Several years ago when we went to Myrtle beach with Lori and Spike we bought a trial of a timeshare. That has now been paid in full and we are ready to use it! Actually we have to use it by Christmas or we loose it. I called today and made the reservations for the 6th-13th of September this year. Since it is a trial there were only certain weeks we could use it, and unless we used it by Mid may this year we would have to wait until Sept 6. Being as we have so much going on the next few months (Noahs birthday this weekend, Ladies Advance and Standing for the truth weekends in March, Homeschool convention in April, then several camping trips already scheduled in May as well as a car show-a possible mothers day banquet-and possible birthday parties, then Maddies birthday and the Good Guys weekend in June) planning for a week to Myrtle beach anytime in the next few months would almost be like WORK. Not to mention we are BEACH PEOPLE and we want some NICE, WARM water to swim in LOL. We are hoping to be able to head back to The Dixie Stampeede or Medivial Times Castke for a night show- but if we go these will have to be purchased in advance...if not..oh well :). We are hoping for a little more "frugal" vacation so as to still go and enjoy ourselves, but yet still work extra hard on paying things off so Kyle can be home with us working instead of off at the factory. We are hoping to spend breakfast and lunch around the condo (or packed) and then do dinner somewhere (most nights....if I can find a good deal on seafood I would SO be into cooking a great seafood meal at the condo!)...I even got my Myrtle Beach vacation planner in the mail today...off to go look at it!!!

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