Monday, February 11, 2008

We're BACK!

And we had a BLAST! The hotel was WONDERFUL and the kids had such a GREAT time swimming at the Buccaneer Bay! As always we love meeting up with our old friends and meeting new ones. It is always such a joy to see these wonderful children who have been brought home to their forever families! Of course, our kids and the Shepler crew were inseparable! They also made some new friends and Katharine and Noah were able to spend some time with their biological cousin. too neat!

Katharine being her usual goofy self!

Handsome Noah!

The men having a conference on "How to remove a parachute man from an overly large treasure chest"

Ruby's thinking "you're lips are moving but all I hear is blah, blah blah"

Yep here we are again

The weekends "siamese twins"

Maddie giving some kid what-for....Ruby along for the ride lol

This picture was taken just before the above....some kid was squirting them with water guns

Noah, Kiara, something wrong Kiara????

My darling katharine

The "girl" train lol


us. said...

in the pic with spike & kyle... did spike pee himself?? - LOL - i'm sure he didn't, but for sure he's had a wet kid leaning on him recently!!

Cheryl said...

With Abby leading the way of the train!