Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Has it been a week???

Ok sooooooooo sorry! I can not believe it has been a week since my last post! Things have been rather crazy around here. We ended up with Noah sick, then Maddie had a nice case of the stomach flu.

On the financial side things are once again looking up. Kyle was called by a boat shop here in town to come and give several estimates for boats. As of last week, 2 have commited to having the work done and he is picking one up today. It is getting crazy out there as he currently has 4 cars to work on (all of them here) and now this boat coming home today.

Also we are coming up to the end of our school year so we are all getting pretty antsy around here! SIX MORE WEEKS AND WE ARE DONE!! WHOO-HOO!!!! OK yeah..and um I am sure the kids will be excited too LOL. Honestly though...this is the time of year I enjoy...I begin planning for the following year and get all excited to go out and buy new curriculum. I love the excitement of "new" books and materials. I guess I am just a nerd, geek, freak mom who gets too excited over new school books! This year we are not ordering any of our books. We are getting to go to the homeschool convention in Indianapolis where we will buy all of our curriculum. I am also excited that Kyle gets to go with me. I have been praying that he would feel a little more "desire" to be involved in the kids education. He was actually the one who looked at the guest speakers at the conferance and decided what he wanted to go to. One real blessing is that there will be one speaker speaking about SID and homeschooling...something we BOTH need to listen to! Also...we will be dumping the kids for the weekend. Yep thats right. No kids. They will be staying with Spike and Lori for that weekend. I know they all will a blast! It will be good for Kyle and I to actually have a weekend to ourselves! The kids have been home for almost 5 years and this will be our first time away for a whole weekend. I say all this in jest knowing that I am going to miss them like crazy.

And soooooooooo......we started packing tonight for the Haitian family camp............YAHOO!!!!!!!!! We are SOOOOOOOOO ready to head out...even if tis just for the night. We REALLY need to get away and meet up with friends...not just friends but friends whose families LOOK like ours. It is always nice to be the "norm"...even if its just for a couple days a year:). Also it is so good for the kids to see other families like theirs. Many don't really think that color matters....but thats easy to say when you are part of the "majority." My kids (at least my oldest) are costantly searching for people that look like them...and notice it right away. My oldest right now is gravitating towards everything that has a brown person in it.....the books she prefers to read have African characters in it, her dolls are black, she wanted me to get Tae-bo tapes because the leader (Billy Blanks) is Black, and she even wants to go to Chicago for her birthday to the American Girl store where she can get Addie, the African American doll. Also, she also has birth family that usually comes to the Haitian camp every year...hopefully we will see them there this year too!

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