Monday, February 25, 2008

Noah is 6! Now pass the Nyquil....

It is a VERY good thing that the poor boy had a party last Saturday as Kyle and I have both been out of commission since. We didn't even go to assembly AT ALL on Sunday....which if you knew us...I can't recall the last time that EVER happened! I can probably count on one hand how many Sunday's we have both missed since we have been married and that was usually because be were traveling somewhere and ended up having the Lords supper ourselves as we were not able to locate a congregation. Kyle stayed in bed yesterday while I stayed on the couch. I was so glad we gave Noah his PlayStation on Saturday as the kids had a ball with it while we were down for the count lol. My back is killing me and my hearing

I ended up taking the kids to the movies this am as the free movie today was Firehouse dog and that is one of the kids favorites. Since it was Noah's birthday I let him pick if he wanted everyone to get candy, or a kids pack (I usually get a popcorn to split....but it was a special day so I figured I would splurge). Then the birthday boy was able to pick what he wanted for lunch and he picked Bob Evans (yeah!!! Can't beat $1.99 for a kids meal that includes a drink!). I had a lovely bowl of bean soup and a side salad. Little did I know that the blue cheese salad dressing had more calories in it than the salad and soup COMBINED! Oh well....

Noah has made cupcakes to take to dance tonight and Kyle went to go pick up a package of yeah we are horrible parents. It is a TRADITION around our house for the birthday kiddo to wake up on the day of his/her birthday to find their room covered in balloons...this is the 1st time we missed it! We were both so sick that we completely forgot. I called Kyle on his lunch and reminded him...he said "oh no.........did he notice?" So needless to say papa is going to pick up a bunch of balloons when he gets off work and get them ready while the kids are at dance tonight...this way at least Noah can come HOME to a room full of balloons:)

We had a party at Chuck E. Cheese last Sat with a bunch of soon as my drugs cough medicine wears off I will try to get them loaded!

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