Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sēē mē rēēd

I am a mom who is all for doing whats best for your kids....even if its not "your cup of tea." This one Here are some pics of my 4yo daughter reading her 1st story yesterday! She was so proud of herself! How did she do this? By using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 easy Lessons. We used it to teach my oldest how to read, and then we made it through 1/2 of it with my 2nd (He catches on to things VERY easily and he was getting bored with it), and now we are using it for my youngest. She is having a ball learning how to read and thinks that it is too cool that she is starting to be "Big" like bubba and sissy :) The lessons take about 20-30 minutes a day and are very smooth flowing. Pay no attention to the weirdness in the letters actually helps them later on (yes I was one who bought this curriculum thinking "I am NEVER going to like this!"). What else is good about this program you ask??? It will cost you less than $20! This is a great idea for people who are just getting their feet wet in homeschooling or for those who are seasoned and looking for a simple program to use! We love it and that is what worked for me!

Maddie Reading her 1st story yesterday

She's not proud at all..ya think???

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Edi said...

My sis told me about this book first...didn't have to teach my oldest to read she pretty much learned on her own - so I was kind of scared about teaching my son.

We tried the book when he was about 4 - and it wasn't working for either of us - so I put it away and waited til he was about 5. Tried it again and right away I could see it was clicking!

As we neared the end I was having enough of the lame stories - so I got him an early reader book - an old elementary school series called Dan Frontier (my son loves western/gun/frontiersman type stuff so he loved it) - and he took off on his reading.

miladyrisk said...

Oh, I miss homeschooling SO MUCH! It is the best way to educate, bar none!! How proud we are of all the kids and how proud I am of you, little sister :)

Holly said...

Adorable pictures! She is so proud of herself, as she should be! I bought this book when my oldest was about 5, but gave up too soon on it. My sister has had success with it, though, so I know it does work. Congrats to your newest reader!

lori shepler - said...

yeah lil miss maddie!!! - i love you!!!


Michelle@Life with Three said...

Congratulations to your little one! I tried this book with my daughter, but we never made it more than two weeks in. Oh, well. I'm still going to try it with my other two.

I also had to comment because I LOVE your Twilight Movie countdown. I just read the books while on vacation at Myrtle Beach (how's that for things in common?). LOVED them. I'm a little obsessed. Anyway, nice to meet ya! :)