Friday, October 24, 2008

Where have I been???

Going crazy would be my 1st answer! Last Friday Kyle and I went to Sellersburg to pick up a heater from Free cycle (yeah for freecycle!). On our way down a friend of mine called and said that she was as tired of her kids as I was of mine had couple free tickets to Little Nashville to go see the house band and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her. I was jumping out of the car and running home without my feet hitting the floor saying TAKE ME PLEASE! TAKE ME PLEASE! I said "ok, sounds good." We headed out that night and it was SO much fun. It was Eastern star night so I think we were the youngest ones in the crown by about 40 years, but that's was fun anyway!

Saturday was Noah's football championships...he won! his team won for the whole division...exciting day! I was ashamed I didn't get that posted sooner :( great job little man!

This week we have been trying to stay on schedule/ahead of schedule with our school work being as we area headed out to Myrtle Beach in just 2 weeks (yeah!). If Noah keeps up his pace he should be finished with his phonics and reading by the time we leave and only have to work on math for a couple weeks when we return. Katharine has been trying to stay at least 2 days ahead of schedule...if they keep up this pace we should be able to break at Thanksgiving and then start again January I. long. for. that. break................

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