Friday, June 06, 2008

Headed to INDY tomorrow!

Yep tomorrow is the annual Good Guys Show in INDY. We try to make it every year and most of the time it is for sheer enjoyment. This year is for enjoyment but since Kyles business is-a-boomin we have loads of parts to be looking for at the swap meet and hopefully tons of business cards to be leaving on cars , placing in bathroms , dropping in purses, handing out for even more business. Next year we hope to have a well put together portfolio of at least his interior work and a car for display.

We have everything ready to go..we will head out by 6am tomorrow....I baked an all organic ham yestrday which is sliced and ready for sandwiches, I have a loaf of bread baking in the oven now for our sandwiches, I bough lots of frozen organic fruit (I know fresh is better but it is going to be in the 90's tomorrow and there is NO SHADE AT ALL at the show!) so that it will stay cool in our cooler hopefully all day long along with all of our drinks (26 water bottles that are currently in our freezer!). We found some Jason sunblock at our local health food store (WHEW! I ahd forgot to order some last month!). We have borrowed our neighbors wagon for Maddie as strollers just really dont work well, not to mention we can throw our cooler in the wagon easier than we could the stroller. Nice little "extra" is that the wagon has an awesome cover on it. I believe we will be getting one of these for the car show in August.....

We more than likely will be there all day looking at parts, looking at cars (even more so than before...especially interiors!) and of course (my favorite) watching the top fuel cars!!!!!!!

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