Friday, June 13, 2008

Indiana Flooding

For those of you who have been keeping tabs on the situation in are a few pics for you. We were stuck in the flooding last Saturday on our way home from Indianapolis. Here are some pics that were taken from he interstate (southbound was eventually opened while Northbound was still closed).

Trucks lined up for several miles on the interstate just waiting to be able to finish there journey headed northbound.

Miles and miles of trucks waited to actually get onto the interstate

Here are some pics of water rescues in Columbus. The men in the picture are up to their chest in water.

See the tiny red dot in the middle of the pond? Well that pond is a corn field and that red dot is the top of a tractor.

Sheds in Columbus after the water had receded about 3 feet.

See the silver tubes? Those are gas tanks from a local co-op.....the co-op was 1 mile away from where this picture was taken.

The road we drove through to get to a main road

The National Guard in Columbus

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