Wednesday, June 04, 2008

WFMW-keep them occupied!

Today's edition of WFMW is the "Mom I'm bored" edition. I have to kids almost never say they are bored. I think this is one HUGE advantage of not having a 3 month long break and taking 3 smaller breaks through the year. However...on occasion......

1. chores- whenever we take breaks we are tackling a certain set of "rooms." Last time it was my bedroom and laundry room. Next time it is their rooms (mwuahahaha). There is always some kind of work to be doing.

2. Even when we take a break, we never completely "unplug" from school. I try to make sure they have new books around to keep them reading. I also have them continuing to review math facts and such.

3. Speaking of reading- our library has a program for the kids every summer, after they read for 80 minutes, a parent signs off in their booklet and they receive a prize (free books, coupons etc). After they finish the whole book they receive a ticket to Squire Boone. Not too shabby!

4. Free movies-In our town they have a theater that has free movies every Monday and Tuesday morning. That is worth the drive :)

5. Sprinkler and water balloon fights- Ok I bribe my kids here.....go pull weeds for a certain amount of time and then lets play in the sprinkler/have water balloon fights. Of course mom is the one who gets to start it (Mwuhahahaha again ...)

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Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

LOL- I rarely hear that mine are bored either. We pretty much school year round so they do not have much of a chance to get bored.
I will also give mine a to-do (like weeding) and then they can play in the sprinklers. Jobs get done and the plants and the kids get watered. LOL