Saturday, April 14, 2007

Had a great day :)

Today was a great day! Started off by actually waking up to my husband (very hard to do as he has been working SO MUCH the past few weeks!) There was a cleaning day at the church today, but being as I had 3 kids and spending the day trying to keep the kids out of every ones hair was just not my idea of fun! Kyle did go and work for a bit, but I had taken my job and completed it last night (cleaning out my class room) that way I could still do work but not go today. After all the kids woke up they came and snuggled with me in the bed for a while (I LOVE THAT!!) while they watched cartoons. We finally got out of bed around 10, made some oatmeal for breakfast, and started on some of our chores.

I had started on Maddie's hair yesterday, but didn't finish until today. She has TONS of little twists on her head. I trimmed up her ends and I can already see where they are starting to hold a little bit better. I will have to post a picture of my sunshine tomorrow :)

The kids ate some mac and cheese for lunch (a VERY longed-for lunch as they almost never get it!) and took a nap. While the kids were napping I brought in my husband to "touch up" the highlights in my hair...big mistake.....needless to say...I have to call and make an appt to have them toned down as I look like a Madonna wanna-be.....waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much blond! I can't see any brown in my hair AT ALL! ARG

So after the hair fiasco I decided that I could make myself known in public today, even though I felt like Bozo the clown. We went to wal-mart to get some food items for this week (we had ham tonight so I decided to make ham and bean soup on Monday..YUM YUM!). I also had to pick up some gifts for a baby shower tomorrow. I am not going, thought about it and just decided that I am not ready, and well, I am allowing myself to be a bit selfish on this one. Besides, everyone will take one look at the ray of sunshine sitting on top of my head and either go blind or pull out their sun glasses. Yes Y'all, its that bad.

So tomorrow is another day to meet with brothers and sisters and gather together in Worship. I LOVE Sundays! Well, I love anytime I can get together with the brethren. Hopefully they wont see me coming through the door, see the reflection off of my head, and think it is the Glory of God cause Jesus is coming back....they will be sorely disappointed...only Angela with a bad dye-job...

Oh and yep another good thing about tomorrow....I get a mother-son date:) I think we are headed to Captain D's for lunch (his favorite) and then to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not my fav but I love spending time with him! Sanite gets to go on a Daddy/Daughter date and she is so excited....she has picked to go out to lunch at Logan's Roadhouse and then walk around the mall lol. She also asked to get some stuff at Bath and Body works...OK when did this kid grow up and become ME?!?!

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